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Preymaker Rob Petrie

Preymaker Welcomes Senior Creative Rob Petrie to its Lineup

Creative studio Preymaker has signed Rob Petrie to its team, bringing experience in Creative Direction from The Mill, MPC and many recognised advertising campaigns.
July 19, 2021
MTI Cortex 4 5
Post Editor

MTI Film’s CORTEX v5.4 Updates DCP Packaging, Dolby Vision Mastering

MTI Film has released an updated version of CORTEX, its software suite for managing media from the set to the screen. CORTEX v5.4 includes new and enhanced features designed to improve the handling of camera media, dailies production, post-production…
July 18, 2021
Nim5 financials payroll ui
Post Editor

NIM 5.0 Helps Studios Track Performance as the Industry Goes Remote

Sequence shot in NIM 5.0 NIM 5.0 updates NIM Labs’ studio management platform, developed to help post production houses as they take on new business, track projects and manage remote and in-house artists. For NIM 5.0, NIM Labs recognises the globalised nature…
July 15, 2021
Sony sound peter rabbit runaway3
Post Editor

‘Peter Rabbit 2’ Gets a Dolby Atmos Sound Mix at Sony Pictures Post

‘Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway’ is the sequel to the 2018 movie about a loveable rabbit with a talent for mischief, and is now released in cinemas. Much of the creative team from the first film reunited for the new movie, including its sound team led by…
July 09, 2021
Projective skies gallery3
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Projective Skies Pushes the Limits on Post-Production Workflows

Post-production companies have been managing remote work challenges in various ways, including shipping external hard drives to remote desktop systems and file-transfer services. These approaches solved problems in the short term but were not an integrated…
July 05, 2021
Cintel athenee scanner
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Cintel Scanner Takes on Film Archiving and Restoration at Athénée Français

Athénée Français Cultural Centre in Tokyo originated from a French language school with more than 100 years of history. The Cultural Centre was launched as the International Exchange division of the school in the 1970s, with the purpose of an international…
July 05, 2021
Baselight doug delaney love death4
Post Editor

Doug Delaney Grades the Divergent looks of Love, Death + Robots, Volume 2

Launched in March of 2019 on Netflix, the first series of Love, Death + Robots brought together a variety of animation styles and stories, crossing the genres of science fiction, fantasy, comedy, horror and others. Created by producer/director Tim Miller with…
June 18, 2021
FilmLight Baselight Grading Suite
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FilmLight to Recognise Colourists in the Colour Awards

FilmLight has announced a new awards programme to honour colourists and the art of colour worldwide. The awards are being organised in association with professional bodies and are open to colourists using any grading technology, with the winners announced at…
June 14, 2021
FotoKem AndreTrejo Hs
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FotoKem Builds on Creative Services with New Hire Andre Trejo

Andre Trejo, VP of Creative Services, FotoKem As production continues to ramp up and content creation for a multitude of platforms increases, industry veteran Andre Trejo has joined FotoKem as vice president of Creative Services, the theatrical dailies and…
June 09, 2021
Qumulo studio Q2
Post Editor

Qumulo Studio Q Builds Post Production Platforms in the Cloud on AWS

Qumulo Studio Q is a post production platform for creative teams that replicates collaborative editorial production in the cloud. Using AWS CloudFormation for simple deployment, studios, broadcasters and corporate video production teams can use Studio Q as a…
May 31, 2021
Arsenal color aidan stanford2
Post Editor

Colourist Aidan Stanford Joins Arsenal FX Color

Film and television colourist Aidan Stanford, with 25 years of experience, joins ArsenalFX Color with recent credits including the movie ‘Knives Out’ and TV series ‘Better Call Saul’.
May 31, 2021
Evolutions bigPic4
Post Editor

Evolutions Upgrades to 4K HDR Post and Colour with MTI, Sony, Calman

Evolutions, one of the UK's largest independent post-production companies, is now acquiring new resources supporting its 4K HDR monitoring, display calibration and mastering systems. Its investments include four Sony BVM-HX310 4K HDR master monitors, an MTI…
May 18, 2021
Colorfront mrrobot
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Colorfront Collaborates with AWS on Cloud-Computing Platform

Colorfront has collaborated for several years with Amazon Web Services supporting Colorfront Cloud Platform for feature film and high-end TV content creation. Since the company began working with AWS in 2013, Colorfront Cloud Platform has grown significantly,…

Carbon Welcomes Art Director Ian Bradley

May 18, 2021 2577
Carbon Ian Bradley Carbon Design
Ian Bradley has joined creative studio Carbon’s growing team of designers and directors.…

Color Finale Transcoder Speeds RAW Media Imports into FCP

May 13, 2021 1301
Color finale transcoder
The new Color Finale Transcoder workflow imports camera media directly into the Final Cut…

Colourist Élodie Ichter Joins Picture Shop

May 12, 2021 2374
Picture Shop Color Bay4
Colourist Élodie Ichter has joined the roster at Picture Shop, a Streamland Media company…

Germany’s Ku’damm 63 Tells a New Story in HDR with DaVinci Resolve

May 12, 2021 2215
Blackmagic resolve kudamm2
The third instalment of Germany’s Ku’damm miniseries franchise is titled ‘Ku’damm 63’.…

CineSync Previews 360 Video, Supports Animation Ghosting

Apr 27, 2021 2661
cineSync 360 video review 4
cineSync media review system now supports 360 video content. The 360, or latlong…

Colourist John Daro Joins the Two Worlds of ‘Tom & Jerry’ in Baselight

Apr 27, 2021 2564
Baselight tomandjerry1
The colour grade for the new ‘Tom and Jerry’ movie, featuring animated characters Tom and…

Colorfront’s Streaming Server Supports Remote Colour-Accurate Post

Apr 25, 2021 2062
Colorfront Streaming Server Spring
The new Colorfront Streaming Server is a live-streaming appliance built to carry out a…

R&S CLIPSTER and PRISMON Upgrade to Dolby, IMF and IP Standards

Apr 19, 2021 2156
RandS PRISMON Multiviewer
R&S PRISMON Multiviewer Rohde & Schwarz has updated CLIPSTER mastering system for feature…

Flame 2022 Automates Camera Tracking, Adds NDI Remote Workflow

Apr 17, 2021 2309
Flame integrated finishing 8
Autodesk Flame’s recent 2022 update has a new camera tracker that performs very rapid…

Digistor Becomes Australia’s First Adobe Certified Service Partner

Apr 12, 2021 1736
Digistor adobe Mark Richards Edward Shen
Digistor has become Australia’s first Adobe Certified Service Partner for Video and…

Artyficial Builds Moscow’s Colour Community on FilmLight Pipeline

Apr 11, 2021 1971
Baselight artyficial zoommer1
Colourists Artem Leonov and Timofey Goloborodko launched Artyficial, one of Moscow’s top…

AFX Creative Expands Leadership and Production Team

Mar 22, 2021 1959
AFX tennis3
AFX Creative, an independent studio that specializes in VFX, design/motion, color and…

DP, Colourist and Mikros Image Catch the Look for ‘Lupin’ in Baselight

Mar 16, 2021 2514
FilmLight mikros lupin1
The French series 'Lupin' has become a worldwide success for Netflix, ranking number one…

ZOO Digital Remote ADR Service Supports Dispersed Productions

Mar 14, 2021 2406
Zoo Localize
In response to the recent interest in remote and hybrid production and post production…

Baselight Colourist Makes the Grade from Istanbul to Mumbai and Beyond

Mar 07, 2021 1117
FilmLight baselight Okutay nube vivo1
Ragib Metin Okutay is a colourist who studied, trained and started his career in…

DaVinci Resolve Studio Supports Remote Grading for Sundance Winner ‘Cusp’

Mar 01, 2021 1549
Blackmagic resolve cusp
Freelance Senior Colourist Andrew Francis graded a new documentary titled ‘Cusp’, winner…

LWKS QScan 2021 Adds HDR Measurements for Media Compliance

Feb 27, 2021 1234
LWKS qscan report 960
. QScan automated quality control software now includes High Dynamic Range (HDR)…

AJA 12G-SDI Upgrades Commercial Post to 4K/UHD at ADK Creative One

Feb 22, 2021 1650
AJA ADK tokyo
As consumers’ demand for high quality video and audio content continues to grow, so do…

Gorilla Group Adopts Sony BVM-HX310 Master Monitor into 4K HDR Pipeline

Feb 19, 2021 1366
Sony gorilla BVM HX310 LCD
Sony Trimaster BVM-HX310 LCD monitor in use at Gorilla Group's Cardiff Bay headquarters.…

ATTO 360 Tuning Software Now Supports Avid NEXIS and Autodesk Flame

Feb 15, 2021 1370
ATTO Technology's 360 tuning, monitoring and analytics software version 2.1 now includes…

Homeboy Grows the Look for China’s Little Red Flower on DaVinci Resolve

Feb 11, 2021 851
Blackmagic resolve red flower5
Chinese director Han Yan released ‘A Little Red Flower’ as the second instalment of his…

EIZO ColorEdge CG Monitors Receive Scientific and Technical Award

Feb 08, 2021 1382
EIZO academy award2
EIZO is honoured to receive a Scientific and Technical Award from the Academy of Motion…

intoPIX JPEG XS Plugin for Premiere Pro Speeds Live Video Workflows

Jan 30, 2021 1545
intoPIX JPEG xs adobe premiere
intoPIX JPEG XS Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro, developed for video editing and live…

Cintel Scanner Assures Restoration of Brazil’s Film History at Afinal Filmes

Jan 18, 2021 1988
Cintel Afinal Filmes Three
Afinal Filmes was founded in 1998 by CEO Marcelo Pedrazzi, and has played an important…

Baselight 5.3 Upgrades Colour Control and Processing for Artists

Jan 16, 2021 1259
Baselight 5 3a
FilmLight’s new Baselight v5.3 updates artists’ control over the grading process…

MTI CORTEX v5.3.2 Upgrades IMF Mastering and Deliverables Workflows

Jan 10, 2021 1214
MTI Set to Screen CORTEX v5 3 2
MTI Film’s CORTEX v5.3.2, software that manages workflows from the set through…

ArsenalCreative Welcomes Thomas J Connors as VFX Supervisor

Jan 06, 2021 1395
ArsenalCreative Connors shameless1
3D artist Thomas Connors has been named VFX Supervisor and CG Generalist at…

InSync PixFormer Engine Delivers Software-Based HDR/SDR Conversions

Jan 04, 2021 1258
InSync HDR Conversion Engine
InSync Technology’s PixFormer is an API-integrated software-based conversion module…

Arch Platform Scales Up VFX Studio Workflows in the AWS Cloud

Jan 04, 2021 1468
Arch aws 0X2A5701a
Arch Platform Technologies has developed secure, cloud-based infrastructure on AWS that…

Baselight X Recreates 1930s Hollywood in Black and White for ‘Mank’

Dec 22, 2020 1847
FilmLight baselight netflix mank6
‘Mank’ is a biographical film made for Netflix and directed by David Fincher. Its…

ENVY Post and Signiant Integrate to Keep Productions Moving

Dec 10, 2020 1389
Signiant envy remote3
ENVY Post Production in London, like media facilities around the world, moved its entire…

DaVinci Resolve Finishes and Grades Environmental Docmentary for Netflix

Dec 07, 2020 1767
Blackmagic resolve kiss ground3
Josh and Rebessa Tickell talk about finishing and grading their feature length…

R&S CLIPSTER Masters ‘Parasite’ in Dexter Studios’ DI Workflows

Nov 30, 2020 1406
RS clipster Dexter Studios Parasite3
Within Korea’s film and TV production industry, Dexter Studios in Seoul is recognised as…

Japanese Colourist and Australian DoP Build a Drama in Baselight

Nov 30, 2020 1592
Baselight toei nothingstays4a
‘They Say Nothing Stays the Same’ is the second film that Japan’s Joe Odagiri, best known…

Pacific Post Rolls Out In-House Remote Editorial Collaboration to Studios

Nov 23, 2020 1206
PacPostlive Star Trek Discovery
Pacific Post editorial rentals and services provider originally developed their…

Aljoscha Hoffmann Charts New Territory in Colour on Baselight

Nov 16, 2020 1743
FilmLight mtc Aljoscha Hoffmann neverending3
Aljoscha Hoffmann is a colourist at CinePostproduction in Munich. His launch into the…

Blackmagic Upgrades DaVinci Resolve 17 for Colour, Editorial, Audio Post

Nov 13, 2020 1498
Blackmagic davinci resolve 17a
Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 17 includes HDR grading tools and upgraded primary…

Sohonet ClearView Flex Supports 10-bit Colour and 5.1 Surround Sound

Oct 05, 2020 1707
Sohonet ClearView Flex
Sohonet ClearView Flex users will now see better colour quality in streaming sessions… 3.7 Supports High-Speed File Sharing and Accurate Reviews

Aug 30, 2020 2357
Frameio 3 7 FCPX Workflow ext Final Cut Pro X Workflow Extension with new proxy media tools has been…

OpenColorIO Version 2 Updates ACES Transforms and GPU Renderer

Aug 20, 2020 3612
ASWF opencolorio v2
The Academy Software Foundation (ASWF), dedicated to open source software development in…

Mosfilm and Codex Media Vault Keep Russia’s Film Industry Rolling

Aug 17, 2020 6369
Codex media vault mosfilm2a
A complete CODEX workflow system, including Media Vault shared storage, supports on-set…

Senior Colourist in Tokyo Embraces New Approaches to Colour with Baselight

Aug 12, 2020 1834
Baselight lespace canadagoose1a
Naotaka Takahashi is a Senior Colourist at L’Espace Vision in Tokyo. Throughout his…

Cintel Scanner and Resolve Scan and Restore Classic Films in Mexico

Aug 09, 2020 1679
Blackmagic cintel sprockets3a
At Digital Sprockets in Mexico, founder Benjamin Fernández Rodriguez Maribona and his…

DaVinci Resolve Tells a Spectacular Colour Story for ‘Normal People’

Aug 03, 2020 2872
Blackmagic outerlimits Normal People9a
The BBC’s 12 part drama series ‘Normal People’ was post produced entirely at Outer Limits…

MPS Keeps R&S CLIPSTER Mastering on the Edge with SpycerNode Storage

Jul 27, 2020 1700
RS MPS spycernode clipster
Motion Picture Solutions (MPS) international film services facility handles mastering,…

AWS Keeps Untold Studios’ Artists Creating in the Cloud

Jul 20, 2020 2162
AWS untold target
At the time Untold Studios launched in late 2018, they sidestepped certain conventions of…

SGO Mistika Boutique Supports AJA T-TAP for Post Production Monitoring

Jul 09, 2020 1941
SGO mistika boutique Dummy clips
SGO and AJA have partnered to make the SGO finishing software Mistika Boutique compatible…

Colorfront Remote/Cloud Working Empowers Post Workflows

Jul 06, 2020 1794
Colorfront cloud2
Colorfront launched a high-performance, remote working/cloud service to help customers…

MTI Film CORTEX v5.3 Accelerates Set-to-Screen Workflow Management

Jun 29, 2020 1793
MTI fil cortex 5 3a
MTI Film CORTEX v5.3 Accelerates Set-to-Screen Workflow Management CORTEX v5.3 updates…

Adobe Creative Cloud Adds AI Tools, Stock Audio, UI/UX Refinements

Jun 23, 2020 2267
Adobe AfterEffects RotoBrush
Adobe Creative Cloud Adds AI Tools, Stock Audio, UI/UX Refinements Roto Brush 2 in After…

ENVY Keeps Media Pipelines Moving on Media Shuttle Transfers

Jun 18, 2020 1592
Signiant media shuttle
ENVY Keeps Media Pipelines Moving on Media Shuttle Transfers Since its launch in 2006,…

ftrack Keeps Remote Teams Closer with Synchronised Media Review

Jun 13, 2020 1100
ftrack synchronized creativity 3a
ftrack Keeps Remote Teams Closer with Synchronised Media Review ftrack real-time…

Blackmagic RAW Workflow Takes ‘Classmates’ from Set to Post

May 31, 2020 898
Blackmagic raw classmates4
Blackmagic RAW Workflow Takes ‘Classmates’ from Set to Post Echo Entertainment has shot…

G. Balaji Brings India’s Colour and Stories to Screens with Resolve Studio

May 18, 2020 999
Blackmagic aadai andhaghaaram2
G. Balaji Brings India’s Colour and Stories to Screens with Resolve Studio Digital cinema…

DaVinci Resolve Colour and Fusion Stitching Take ‘Everest VR’ to the Top

May 11, 2020 726
Blackmagic resolve everest vr2
DaVinci Resolve Colour and Fusion Stitching Take ‘Everest VR’ to the Top In April of…

Colourist Yvan Lucas Grades through Three Decades of Cinema

Apr 26, 2020 1232
Filmlight yvan lucas city2
Colourist Yvan Lucas Grades through Three Decades of Cinema The City of Lost Children…

Films Graded on Baselight Win Top Honours at Berlin Film Festival

Apr 20, 2020 664
FilmLight Berlinale delete no evil2a
Films Graded on Baselight Win Top Honours at Berlin Film Festival At the 70th Berlinale,…

Park Road Post Team Brings Soldiers’ Lives to Life for a New Generation

Apr 16, 2020 754
SGO mistika park rd post4
Park Road Post Team Brings Soldiers’ Lives to Life for a New Generation Filmmaker Peter…

Stéphane Azouze Brings the Colour of Women to Screens of the World

Apr 06, 2020 740
Baselight woman africa
Stéphane Azouze Brings the Colour of Women to Screens of the World ‘Woman’ is a…

Colorist Society International Appoints Walter Volpatto as CSI Fellow

Mar 30, 2020 848
Colourist volpetto dunkirk
Colorist Society International Appoints Walter Volpatto as CSI Fellow Veteran colourist…