Rodeo FX, known best for VFX, animation and post, has expanded into colour grading by opening a new Baselight grading suite and hiring senior colourist, Ana Escorse.

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Rodeo FX, known best for VFX, post-production, animation, experiences and other creative services, has expanded into colour grading by opening a new Baselight grading suite and hiring senior colourist, Ana Escorse.

By adding colour, Rodeo FX can now serve clients' projects from start to finish. Rodeo’s new colour suite includes a FilmLight Baselight TWO and Blackboard Classic control panel, running on the recent Baselight 6.0. Ana, who has been using Baselight for a number of years, will work either remotely or on site in the newly built colour suite in Toronto.

“Adding colour to our services was a natural move forward for Rodeo FX,” said Connie Dercho, executive producer at Rodeo FX Advertising and Experiences. “Making premium colour grading available with an elite colourist like Ana Escorse and a state-of-the-art colour suite equipped with Baselight perfectly complements what we do. We're excited to be able to extend our services for local and international clients with expert colour grading.”

FilmLight ana ecorse

Senior colourist Ana Escorse, RodeoFX

Rodeo FX already has a well-established VFX pipeline, but Baselight integrates functionality that will help streamline the workflow between colour and other departments. The compatibility with OpenEXR and the ability to transfer BLG files from Baselight to various applications means sharing, viewing and applying colour decisions directly in VFX software can be completed with ease. 

Colourist Ana Escorse joins Rodeo FX as senior colourist. Her work on ‘Lovezinho’ (Treyce, Kevinho, Tainá Costa) earned her the Music Video award at the 2022 FilmLight Colour Awards presented at the EnergaCAMERIMAGE Film Festival in Poland and she joined the 2023 jury panel alongside other artists and DoPs. 

“Baselight is widely recognised and respected in the film and television industry and means I can work with advanced features and high quality image processing for our clients and collaborators,” Ana commented. “FilmLight's commitment to continuously developing new technologies and features as well as Baselight's customisation and control make it a very efficient and reliable tool, allowing me to focus on the creative process and client collaboration. Baselight allows us to meet the ever-evolving demands of the post-production industry.”