Interra Systems’ BATON AI/ML-enabled QC platform and BATON Media Player automate QC and compliance at Swank Motion Pictures to improve workflow efficiency and media quality.

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Swank Motion Pictures, operating since 1937, supplies movies and TV shows to providers outside of homes and theatres by licensing and distributing content to non-theatrical markets such as global cruise lines, colleges, universities and public schools, libraries, hospitals, motor coaches, trains, correctional facilities and other markets such as parks, art museums and businesses.

Given the diversity of their clients and their venues, once the content reaches its destination, the key challenge is ensuring that it plays and functions as expected. For some time, Swank has worked with Interra Systems BATON automated QC software to optimise quality control and compliance for the material they distribute. With BATON they can detect a variety of video quality issues at an early stage, and reach the desired quality faster. Currently, the company has been using the enterprise-class version of the platform, which is AI-/ML-enabled.

“Swank Motion Pictures distributes programming to customers over land and sea,” commented Mark Floyd, manager of digital lab services at Swank Motion Pictures. “Interra’s BATON gives us the assurance that not only will the content work, but also that our customers’ audiences will receive an optimal viewing experience.”

The BATON QC platform can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises, giving Swank Motion Pictures consistent, thorough quality control, standards compliance and regulatory and baseband checks for VOD content for linear and streaming workflows. As a hybrid QC system, it can implement the organisation’s QC policy to support a chosen combination of automated and manual QC checks, improving workflow efficiency for Swank Motion Pictures.

Built on a scalable architecture, the BATON hardware set-up can be expanded as Swank Motion Pictures’ QC requirements evolve. The platform will grow to match its needs. Along with that feature, its high availability ensures that the system continues in the enterprise environment even if one of the hardware components fails.

Interra BATON QC

Swank Motion Pictures is also using Interra Systems’ BATON Media Player to play back, inspect and verify audio and video content. The player supports a very wide range of formats – SDI playout plus audio, video, elementary and container formats – as well as closed captions and subtitle formats so that it can integrate with broadcast workflows at any stage, while supporting collaboration across teams and projects. With the visual and technical information it outputs, content providers can make sure that content looks and plays as intended.

Interra at NAB - Exhibition and Conference Session

Interra Systems will show BATON content-aware media QC software, including the updated BATON 9.0 engine, along with all of the company’s media QC, monitoring and analysis systems at the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas, 14-17 April.

Muneesh Sharma, Director of Engineering at Interra Systems, will speak at the 2024 NAB Show Broadcast Engineering and IT Conference as part of the Quantifying Quality in Video Technology presentations. The session, 'Elevating Video Quality With The Video Compression Score Metric', takes place at the Las Vegas Conventiona Centre in the West Hall Meeting Rooms Level 2 (W220-W221) on Sunday 14 April at 12.10pm.