VFX Developments

DNEG Bryan Godwin with Blue

Award-winning Executive VFX Supervisor Bryan Godwin Joins DNEG

Global VFX house DNEG has expanded it office in Los Angeles with the appointment of executive visual effects supervisor Bryan Godwin. The former founder and CEO of Shade VFX, Bryan has an impressive credit list of over a hundred shows to his name, including…
October 19, 2020
Carbon Tobey Lindback
VFX Editor

Carbon Welcomes VFX Supervisor Tobey Lindback

VFX Supervisor Tobey Lindback has brought his skills and two decades of experience to our team at Carbon. He spent the last ten years at The Mill, Psyop and MPC, leading high profile creative work for Audi, Budweiser, Mercedes, Mountain Dew, Nike and…
October 06, 2020
NVIDIA omniverse MandE
VFX Editor

NVIDIA Opens Omniverse RTX-based 3D Simulation and Collaboration

The NVIDIA Omniverse platform is an RTX-based 3D simulation and collaboration platform capable of simulating photoreal 3D objects and scenes in real time. NVIDIA launched its open beta stage at the virtual GTC event this week. Using the platform, remote teams…
September 28, 2020
VFX Legion
VFX Editor

VFX Legion Signs CG Supervisor Blake Anderson to New Facility

VFX Legion Founder James David Hattin has announced the signing of CG Supervisor Blake Anderson to the company’s studio in British Columbia. The newest addition to the recently launched BC division’s leadership team, Blake brings a range of skills and…
September 18, 2020
Foundry katana20a
VFX Editor

Foundry Shines a Light on Katana 4.0 for Lighting and LookDev

Katana lighting and look development software has been in development at Foundry for about 10 years. The Foundry team has continued to make regular updates during that time, the most recent of which have been versions 3.5, bringing multi-threading, the…
September 13, 2020
Corona 6 3ds max sun sky
VFX Editor

Corona Renderer 6 for 3ds Max Adds Procedural Sky, New Photoreal Materials

The Corona Renderer 6 update for 3ds Max from Chaos Czech was developed for greater realism, faster rendering and simpler workflows with better creative control of 3D objects and environments for artists and designers. A new Sky Model can now depict twilight…
August 28, 2020
Corona Renderer6 c4d2a
VFX Editor

Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D Adds Realistic Sky Model and Scattering

Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D Adds Realistic Sky Model and Scattering Chaos Czech Corona Renderer 6 for Cinema 4D is a new update for Cinema 4D artists and designers who want to apply more realism to the objects and environments they create in a faster,…
August 26, 2020
ASWF openvdb nanovdb clouds
VFX Editor

Academy Software Foundation OpenVDB Adds GPU Support with NanoVDB

OpenVDB, an open source software project of the Academy Software Foundation (ASWF), has adopted NanoVDB to improve performance, ease development, and support GPU acceleration. Developed at NVIDIA by OpenVDB inventor Ken Museth, NanoVDB will be maintained by…
August 24, 2020
Zbrush dynamic physics
VFX Editor

ZBrush 2021 Adds a New Dynamics System and Cloth Sculpting

ZBrush 2021 adds a new Dynamics system to its functionality, with Controlled Cloth Sculpting and revisions to its Dynamic Subdivision capabilities. Zmodeler has new tools, and the ZBrush engine itself has also been upgraded, aiming to improve performance…
August 16, 2020
Psyop time
VFX Sean Young

AEAF Awards Celebrates Winners and Finalists

Many thanks to everyone who has entered the AEAF 2020 Awards. All winners are listed below along with all finalists. It’s been wonderful to see so much terrific work from so many teams – judging is the challenge. The hard part this year is not being able to…
August 13, 2020
Keentools 2 1 fbb pr 4
VFX Editor

KeenTools FaceBuilder Automates Camera Set-Up for 3D Head Modelling

KeenTools FaceBuilder is a plug-in for Blender and Foundry Nuke, developed for creating 3D head models based on still photos. Until recently, artists needed photos shot with a single camera and the same settings, which then needed to be set up manually in…
August 10, 2020
Foundry eist 004
VFX Adriene Hurst

Foundry Develops Scene Layout and Sequencing for Interactive Media

Earlier this year, Foundry completed a two-year project titled Enabling Interactive Story Telling (EIST). Working with the BBC R&D team, the project's goal was to develop tools that would help a wider group of people from different backgrounds and industries…
August 08, 2020
V ray5 maya ACEScg
VFX Editor

V-Ray 5 for Maya Adds Render Compositing and Light Mixing

V-Ray 5 now supports the ACEScg colourspace standard. Chaos Group V-Ray 5 for Maya has expanded to include compositing of renders in the frame buffer, interactive light mixing and quicker, simpler scene management. New Light Path Expressions for custom render…
August 04, 2020
Autodesk bifrost 2 1
VFX Editor

Autodesk Bifrost 2.1 for Maya Visualises Geometric Queries

Raycasting visualised using arrows Version 2.1 of Bifrost for Maya makes it possible to build compounds using rapid point-cloud queries, nearest-neighbour searches and raycasting. The user interface for setting datatypes on nodes has been improved to make…
July 27, 2020
Future group pixotope 1 3b
VFX Editor

Future Group Pixotope 1.3 Refines Object Tracking and Lights for MR Scenes

Pixotope, the live photo-realistic virtual production system from The Future Group, now runs on version 1.3 software, updated to help creators improve interactions between their virtual environments and the real-world elements. Pixotope forms the central…
July 25, 2020
Blackmagic fusion looks kill4
VFX Editor

Fusion Studio Rescues ‘Looks That Kill’ at Flying Turtle Post

Flying Turtle Post in New York produced visual effects for ‘Looks That Kill’, a romantic comedy made for OTT streaming with a dark sense of humour about Max Richards, a teenager born with a medical condition that makes him lethally attractive. His life…
July 22, 2020
Foundry Nuke indie2
VFX Editor

Foundry Nuke 12.2 Reads USD Data and Goes Solo with Nuke Indie

Nuke 12.2 builds on updates in Nuke 12 so far, and adds a new product to the Nuke software series for compositors. Named Nuke Indie, the new software is a functionally restricted version of Nuke Studio that independent artists can use on commercial projects,…
July 17, 2020
AEAF speaker spider2
VFX Sean Young

Meet the Expert VFX and Animation Storytellers at AEAF

AEAF’s virtual event is taking place in just under one month. The Speaker Program line-up has grown to cover topics ranging from VFX and animation in TV shows and movies to learning how to wrap your pipeline around USD on a student budget. We are now also…
July 13, 2020
Houdini viewport fog
VFX Editor

Houdini 18 Develops New Mesh, Deformation and Render Effects

Viewport fog effects Under Houdini's daily build program, functionality under development for the next major release can become candidates for backporting, the process of taking parts from a newer version of a software system and porting them to an older…
July 06, 2020
AEAF Rodeo aeronauts
VFX Sean Young

Top Level Feature Films Are Ready to Roll at AEAF Awards

Rodeo FX, 'The Aeronauts' AEAF Awards’ Feature Film categories, VFX and Animation, have received the most varied lineup of entries yet. It is also very big. Everyone devoted to filmmaking – artists, animators, producers and directors – is invited to tune in…
June 20, 2020
Foundry katana NME1
VFX Editor

Katana 3.6 Updates Material Editing, Ships with 3Delight NSI 2.0

Katana 3.6 Updates Material Editing, Ships with 3Delight NSI 2.0 Image by Owen Frankland, Katana Senior OA, robot from Aaron Sims Creative Foundry Katana version 3.6 updates the application’s UI and workflow for artists, with snapping functionality that thsat…
June 19, 2020
V Ray Work Seamlessly
VFX Editor

V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max Moves into Post-Render Compositing and Lighting

V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max Moves into Post-Render Compositing and Lighting Chaos Group V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max now extends its rendering functions to other stages of the visualisation process. Artists and designers can now composite renders, enhance materials and…
June 15, 2020
VFX Sean Young

AEAF Awards Gather Momentum with Projects from Unstoppable Artists

AEAF Awards Gather Momentum with Projects from Unstoppable Artists There’s still time to enter AEAF Awards – but not much. Visit the ENTRY FORM page, get your projects organised and contact us if you have questions. To fuel your ambition, check the project…
May 26, 2020
AWS the Molecule Billions
VFX Editor

The Molecule’s VFX Artists Stay Connected with AWS Virtual Workstations

The Molecule’s VFX Artists Stay Connected with AWS Virtual Workstations Billions VFX studio The Molecule operates on both coasts of the USA, opening first at their headquarters in New York in 2005 and then at a second facility in Los Angeles. Recent work…
May 18, 2020
RSP gravity
VFX Editor

Rising Sun Pictures Celebrates its 25th Year

Rising Sun Pictures Celebrates its 25th Year Gravity Visual effects studio Rising Sun Pictures (RSP) has reached its 25th year, after producing work for more than 150 motion pictures and television series, including some of the most popular and…