Mediaproxy returned to NAB with a new version of LogServer compliance monitoring. From its multi-format, multiple standards set of features, demos emphasised support for ATSC 3.0.

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Mediaproxy returned to Las Vegas for the 2024 NAB Show with a new version of their LogServer compliance monitoring. From its multi-format, multiple standards set of features, demonstrations at the show particularly emphasised support for ATSC 3.0.
As ATSC 3.0 channels continue to roll out in the US, NAB 2024 reflected the ongoing adoption of this suite of standards for terrestrial television broadcasting. Based on the same IP backbone as the major streaming media platforms currently in use today, ATSC 3.0 is intended to combine over-the-air broadcast with OTT services.
LogServer can be used to mix monitoring of diverse video, audio and meta data formats on one display including SMPTE 2022-6, and includes dedicated loudness, closed caption, OTT and DVB subtitle panels. It now has comprehensive compliance, monitoring and analysis features for ATSC 3.0 streams. 

Mediaproxy has developed a software-based technique for processing in-house packager output (STLTP – Studio to Transmitter Link Transport Protocol) and off-air transmission (DASH ROUTE – Real-time Object delivery over Unidirectional Transport) formats including decryption via A3SA, which gives device manufacturers and broadcasters access to standardised protection and security credentials. This technique allows engineers to work with those new formats more cost-effectively, but still use LogServer’s familiar UI set-up for review, monitoring and real-time analysis.
LogServer also conforms to the other main broadcast and streaming standards, including SMPTE ST 2110 and NMOS (Networked Media Open Specifications), for the transport of media over IP networks, and SCTE, which covers dynamic ad insertion. The new version was on display at NAB 2024 with demos of cloud operation, plus the ability to work with clustering decentralized systems on IP networks.

The Mediaproxy Monwall multiviewer was on display as well, a hybrid live streaming application for monitoring streams from broadcast and OTT sources. Multiple panels can be configured to display proxy and native MPEG channels including associated metadata. Alternatively, custom layouts can be configured to suit arrangements viewable via a standard client PC. The software works well in master control room applications, presentation areas, engineering offices and other locations.

"As ATSC 3.0 continues to grow as the new, future-proof standard and platform for IP-based broadcasting in the US, Mediaproxy serves as elegant, powerful and yet cost-effective software-based approach to comprehensive ATSC 3.0 monitoring," said Mediaproxy's chief executive, Erik Otto.