Grass Valley took home two awards from NAB Show 2024 for the company’s compact broadcast camera LDX C150 and the Maverik X software-based switcher.

GV Maverik x

Grass Valley took home two awards from NAB Show 2024, which just finished earlier this month on 17 April. The company’s compact broadcast camera LDX C150 won an NAB Product of the Year Award, and the Maverik X software-based switcher won a Best of Show Award from TV Tech.

LDX C150

The LDX C150 is a compact version of the LDX 150. It has the same features and functionality, with SDI and NativeIP SMPTE ST 2110 connectivity, with no external conversion. The camera is built with three 2/3-inch Xenios imagers, resulting in high sensitivity – F11@2000 lux compared to F9@2000 lux – and a HDR mode for wider dynamic range. By reducing gain, its signal-to-noise ratio is improved, and smaller lens apertures allow better focusing and greater depth of field. An option for high-quality low-latency JPEG XS video compression is available.

For networking, the camera works as a self-contained IP endpoint with up to 100 Gb/s IP network connections for audio, video and control at the camera head. Users can distribute camera sources where needed on the network and avoid delays caused by sending signals to a separate control hub.

The LDX C150 supports baseband and NativeIP workflows for acquisition and distribution, and is compatible with the Grass Valley XCU UXF series.


Maverik X

Maverik X software switcher is purpose-built for Grass Valley’s AMPP live production and distribution SaaS platform. Designed for efficiency and to be able to meet specific, changing user demands, it is scalable, uses microservices and can operates on-premises or in the cloud, as required.

Its UIs are entirely configurable, driven by soft-panel GUIs or hardware panels. Operators can create any panel layout, or define a custom UI with the production builder to deploy event-based set-ups by clicking a button.

Compatible with Linux hardware, users can run Maverik X on COTS servers. It results from the goal of dynamic flexibility and scalable operations, accommodating larger scale productions as well as compact setups, as orgnisations aim to produce across multiple markets to enable revenue generation.