Live Media Group selected EVS’ MediaInfra Strada routing system to power two new up-to-date production trucks, capable of UHD/HDR coverage of live All Elite Wrestling events.

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Live Media Group (LMG), a major mobile production truck provider for entertainment and sporting events across North America, recently undertook an evaluation process to find a fast, flexible, complete ST 2110 broadcast system that would meet the needs of its clients.

To power two new up-to-date production trucks, the company chose EVS’ MediaInfra Strada routing system. Michael Sullivan, President of LMG, said, “After several years of experience in evaluating ST 2110 systems, we determined that MediaInfra Strada closely aligns with our requirements for features, functionality and system stability, and makes a sound choice to serve as the core of our new production trucks. Our project team, led by Chief Engineer Kevin Norris and VP of Engineering Scott Tucker, has worked conscientiously on this project, and we’re very pleased to now see these trucks in action."

Broadcast Control, Monitoring and Processing

MediaInfra Strada blends EVS’ Cerebrum broadcast control and monitoring system with the networked attached processor Neuron, and delivers full router capabilities via customisable interfaces and flexible IP, SDI or both types of I/O for real-time uncompressed video/audio capture.

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Adapted for IP and SDI workflows, Cerebrum is scalable and designed to control most broadcast operations via customisable interfaces for configuration, orchestration and monitoring. The Cerebrum software can be installed and licensed on any Windows-based virtual servers, PCs or tablets that meet the system requirements. Alternatively, a range of pre-installed servers and customisable control panels are also available for Cerebrum, with general purpose I/O units.

Neuron can be configured for variious applications, all based on a single hardware platform, and is used primarily as a modular glue for audio and video processing in IP and SDI infrastructures. It becomes a multi-channel A/V-over-IP transceiver developed for low-latency, high-bandwidth Live IP networks, serving as a bridge in hybrid applications, or the link between ST2022 and ST2110.

It can also be used as a flexible A/V processor, an IP media firewall and probing failover switch, an IP audio channel shuffler or a live production multiviewer. It performs low latency, visually lossless compression as well.

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MediaInfra Strada directly integrates with Arista's Ethernet switches, and with Providius’ NVRT network performance monitoring for control and orchestration. “Strada’s effective processing capabilities, as well as wide third-party interoperability, were also important factors in our decision making,” said Michael Sullivan.

Live Media Group operates production trucks ranging from 53ft double expandable UHD trucks to 20ft production/uplink hybrid trucks, capable of covering events of all scales. These trucks cater to North American sports broadcasters, leagues, entertainment events, concerts and corporate partners. The Strada system will serve as the core of two of their 53ft expandable trucks capable of UHD/HDR coverage of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), set to be operational by June 2024 following full client testing before going live later in the summer. 

Opportunities for the Future

“The trucks are custom built for this diverse, highly technical show, which requires a detailed level of planning. The teams from AEW, as well as Broadcast Service Group who handles the production for the show, have been tremendous partners and EVS has answered the call on any of our specific needs,” commented Michael Sullivan.

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David Pinkel, SVP Sales, North America at EVS, said, “LMG’s investment in the Strada routing system opens the door for greater capabilities and simplified IP operations. It also marks a significant milestone in the ongoing expansion of our media infrastructure portfolio.” Many of LMG’s trucks are already built with EVS XT2, XT3, XT4K and XTVia servers.

News of LMG’s purchase was delivered as a joint announcement at the NAB Show 2024 in Las Vegas. Michael Sullivan said, "EVS has always been a key partner for live media, as well as our partner divisions. Our relationship has been instrumental in delivering top quality systems to customers, and we’re excited to expand that partnership going forward."