OpenDrives expanded its list of containerised tools to include IBM Aspera, running directly on the company’s Atlas storage platform, placing applications closer to data they are used with.

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OpenDrives, a specialist in software-defined media workflow systems, storage and data management, has expanded its growing list of containerised tools to include IBM Aspera.

OpenDrives supports running containers like Aspera directly on the company’s Atlas software-defined storage platform, placing applications closer to the data they are used with, and enhancing security, scalability and performance. This approach also lessens the need for more servers, reducing costs and simplifying complex production deployments and support. OpenDrives containerised applications cover a number of familiar workflows and vendors including DaVinci Resolve’s post-production processes, Iconik media asset management and Signiant file transfer.

Better performance is desirable but if it depends on purchasing extra servers and hardware, it may become too expensive. OpenDrives’ option to bring applications closer the data is a way to increase performance while reducing latency – without involving more hardware.

OpenDrives has also made it simpler to manage containers for organisations that don’t have this expertise in-house. By taking advantage of the OpenDrives system, users can control costs by using containers to run only the necessary application dependencies, which reduces the use of resources and operational oversight.

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Containers can also make it easier to create flexible sets of tools to manage enterprise workloads without having to deal with monolithic applications that may lack flexibility and have limited scope for customisation. OpenDrives containers, in contrast, are customised by definition to build workflows tailored to specific requirements, and are optimised to run with OpenDrives storage. It is also possible to control containers through OpenDrives’ APIs.

Atlas is an elastic storage model developed for the media industry that enables users to configure their storage according to creative workflow rather than storage size. Inherent in the Atlas software-defined storage platform is the idea of a single controller and configured storage media. Its filesystem capabilities and many features such as granular snapshots for backup and restoration, the ability to pool disks together and system monitoring all rely on this idea.

“Formerly, hardware was the central differentiator in enterprise systems, but times have shifted,” said Trevor Morgan, VP of Product, OpenDrives. “The Atlas software platform includes data handling and routing tools that outpace hardware performance increases. Its modern software architecture is built with features like the Atlas Aspera container that improve efficiency and enhance the user experience.”