OpenDrives’ Atlas data storage platform is software-defined, running on 3rd party hardware. Users choose and configure the storage environment according to their own workflows.

OpenDrives Atlas Core screens

OpenDrives’ new Atlas platform and business model for data storage is software-defined storage that runs on a third-party hardware system. Users can choose and configure their storage environment according to their own creative workflows, and work collaboratively at speed.

The new business model shifts from the traditional focus on storage system size to an emphasis on workflows. OpenDrives’ CEO Izhar Sharon said, "We are moving toward elastic, workflow-configured storage that puts the needs of creative professional users first. In the process, we’re opening access to businesses of all sizes, budgets and needs to our enterprise-scale data storage platform, designed to remain solid and available through resource-intensive workflows.”  

From Capacity to Workflows

The Atlas software-defined storage platform has been developed with content creators, broadcasters, sports organisations and technologists in mind. It enables efficient, agile, high-performance data management, and can be configured to serve in closely customised creative workflows, rather than traditional predetermined hardware/software packages.

Izhar said, “As business requirements evolve, the upgrading or downgrading process is straightforward – as simple as obtaining a new license key. It is a new, more sustainable approach that will help to shift how the industry invests in infrastructure.” The new platform accommodates organisations’ need to build and alter their on-premise, cloud or hybrid storage over time, based on actual workflow demands.

OpenDrives Atlas Floating Software Screens

Internal Data Management with High Performance

Atlas is a high performance, cost-efficient platform with automated features for internal data management. Pre-tuned for content creation, the platform stands out in terms of interoperability and interconnectivity of applications, data and end-users. This is made possible through OpenDrives’ development of the core engine, containerisation, REST API and automation. Its design aims to optimise the performance of third-party hardware and extend ROI by continuously delivering new features and functions without further cost.

Able to work with standardised executable software, the Atlas Core allows containers for the user’s applications to run directly on the storage data layer, close to the data the applications need. This approach reduces initial cost and latency, for a more appliance-like experience and performance. It also offloads applications from more expensive application servers. Users can create pre-set standardised containers, or customize them for specificpurposes.

Access and Cost

Further to performance, OpenDrives has committed to removing barriers to content and data access. By developing mechanisms to continuously rightsize the software footprint as demands and conditions change, OpenDrives becomes an alternative to unnecessary consumption – Atlas focuses on only consuming what is necessary in terms of power and compute. It helps maintain profitability through a high-performance product that is able to adapt to workflow requirements and controls capital expenditure.

OpenDrives will be attending 2024 NAB Show to demonstrate Atlas in Action to visitors.