Channel 4 Streaming Service relies on Witbe’s Witbox+ and REC software to efficiently deliver a consistently strong QoE to viewers across devices with each new update.

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Channel Four Television Corporation owns and operates the UK’s largest free streaming service and several television channels including E4, More4, Film4 and 4seven. The Channel 4 streaming app is available on a wide variety of devices, from set-top boxes and streaming sticks to smartphones and tablets. Following each new update, Channel Four needs to ensure that it works correctly on its top viewing platforms.

Its team is now using the testing and monitoring systems developed by Witbe to help automate the QA process for the app, which has traditionally involved a series of labour-intensive, repetitive tasks. Automating the process will increase efficiency, leaving staff to spend more time on other steps in the QA testing process.

“We make the C4 streaming service available across a wide range of consumer devices, and our mission is to deliver a first-class consumer experience across all of them,” said Dave Cameron, chief product officer at Channel 4. “This new partnership with Witbe empowers our testing teams to work more efficiently with the help of reliable automation.”

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Remote Eye Controller

Witbe’s approach tests and monitors existing devices and gives Channel 4 an accurate picture of the quality of experience its viewers receive at home. Channel 4 is using Witbe’s Witbox monitoring system, which is capable of testing four 4K devices simultaneously. The Witbox lineup can test mobile devices and smart TVs, both of which Channel 4 relies on for content delivery, and enables the company to compare its service quality to that of its competitors.

Using the Workbench tools – part of the company’s Software Suite – users can program scenarios to automatically test a real device by automatically navigating menus and submenus in the same way that a human user would. With Witbe’s Remote Eye Controller (REC) Channel 4’s QA testing team can also access real devices remotely from anywhere in the world. A user can view all devices in one place with the Mosaic Mode, or group them by device type, location, service type and so on.

“Our QA test automation technology was designed specifically to help video service providers deliver consistent performance across updates,” said Mathieu Planche, CEO at Witbe. “Enabling a renowned company like Channel Four and helping them maximize their workflow to achieve their goals is an honour for Witbe. It’s a testament to our technology and how it can help media companies deliver the quality of service and experience their customers expect.”

Witbe will show its automated testing and proactive monitoring at the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas.