Vizrt’s sports highlights and analysis tool Viz Libero now allows operators to crop their finished videos to social platform aspect ratios from the same interface, attracting new audiences.

Viz Libero 8 3 CricketDB

Following the new software release of Vizrt’s sports highlights and analysis tool Viz Libero, operators can crop the finished video to various aspect ratios from the same interface. This means the operator can create one project and publish multiple versions of it to multiple platforms, either during the live match or afterwards in post.

Through this combined approach, it becomes easier to reach new audiences through shorter, more focussed clips via social platforms.

"Instead of watching matches, younger demographics are consuming sports on social media as short-format clips like replays, analysis and highlights. Viz Libero helps create this kind of content, and capture the attention of new audiences like Gen Z, with illustrative graphics," said Edouard Griveaud, Senior Product Manager at Vizrt.

This feature positions Viz Libero as a round the clock content creation tool, making highlights and analysis video a type of content production in its own right, independent of a match or any other content. This update is also pre-configured to track players to speed up the most basic use of analysis for social media. Operators can select the aspect ratio, then click on the player and the video crop tool will automatically take care of tracking and cropping. 

Extending Sports Rights

Viz Libero 8 3 NHLDB

Using Libero's calibration database for hockey

Broadcasters and sports leagues can use Libero to extend their sports rights and engage audiences at any time via linear, digital and social platforms. Now that the software is deployable in the cloud, running on a flexible licensing structure, users can take further advantage of Viz Libero in the traditional way across broadcast teams, before their digital and social teams continue the story beyond the end of the match.

As well as helping to reach new audiences, Viz Libero’s social media crop tool also takes the user experience into consideration. Operators, for instance, only need to select the preferred aspect ratio – vertical (9:16), horizontal (19:6), square (1:1) or others including custom formats – and add analysis. Clips will then be exported as required.

"With this feature, operators can now use Viz Libero to adjust and optimise videos for specific platforms more quickly. Rapidly taking content from stadium to social media is a way to increase fan engagement and content reach," Edouard said.

Non-Line Sports Calibration and Sportec Data

Among other improvements in Viz Libero 8.3 is the ability to create a calibration database for non-line sports like cricket and ice hockey, where there are few lines on the playing area to guide graphics placements. Libero’s calibration database can detect the field without manually placing reference points each time, which can be time consuming for operators.

Vizrt heatmap sportec libero 8 3

Sportec - heatmap data

The Sportec live match data service has been integrated with Datacenter, Libero’s codeless repository introduced in version 8.2 for all external data sources used for visualisation and analysis. This service makes it easier to connect live data sources to fields in graphics templates without scripting or special knowledge.

Users select which type of data they need – heat map, attack map, team line-up, stats and so on – and, because all data is held in one repository, switching out providers for different matches or leagues is unnecessary. It’s also possible to specify a time range for the data, and have data displayed for only that period, for instance the first half of the match or the first 20 minutes.