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DMW Awards Finalist

Viaccess-Orca’s (VO’s) new QoX solution is a unique monitoring offering for pay-TV operators designed to improve video streaming experiences. Offered as a SaaS, VO QoX enables operators and video service providers to monitor the TV user experience (UX) on their subscribers’ connected devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, set-top boxes, and smart TVs.

By providing deep insights into how end users are experiencing playback on their video streaming services, QoX empowers operators to improve the UX. As a result, operators can reduce churn, improve subscriber satisfaction, and extend subscriber viewing times, with the potential to increase ARPU by offering new premium services. Unique features and benefits of VO QoX include Deeper UX insights VO QoX provides comprehensive insights into the performance of video streaming services. With VO QoX, operators can see video streaming issues that subscribers are facing, detect insights into the video streaming experience to make UX improvements, and investigate the quality of playback.

Real-time access to complex data VO QoX provides 100 data points for each playback session, in real time, enabling operators to gain an extensive understanding of streaming quality. The data includes five important parameters outlined by the Streaming Video Technology Alliance video start failure, time taken to start the playback, rebuffering, playback error, and stream quality. Additional data points provided by QoX include what version of the application viewers are running, the CDN being used, video resolution, zapping time, network bandwidth compared with player bandwidth, and more. In addition, QoX offers seamless integration with complex monitoring systems and datamining solutions, providing operators with access to real-time raw data and pre-processed graphs.

VO QoX is also compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation, which is a legal requirement in Europe and sets a legal framework for handling personal information. Better control over playback data VO QoX is pre-integrated and bundled with the VO Secure Video Player, allowing operators to visualize much more data from the playback side of video streaming to gain a deeper understanding of quality of experience and quality of service issues. Operators benefit from using a single solution, without making any infrastructure upgrades.

Unparalleled flexibility and scalability As a SaaS running on the cloud, VO QoX is based on state-of-the-art technologies that ensure high flexibility and scalability, addressing the unique business requirements of any-sized operator. As the number of viewer devices increases, the service can scale up to address the surging demand. Also, since QoX is a cloud-based service, upgrades are quick and simple, with little to no downtime or service disruption. The service is fully manged and operated by VO, enabling operators to focus on operations. VO’s QoX solution has been successfully deployed by a tier-1 operator in France. Viaccess-Orca’s extensive technological know-how, deep experience as a leading global solutions provider of OTT and TV platforms, and unique understanding of complex TV ecosystem challenges fuels the highly flexible and scalable design of VO QoX. Leveraging the VO QoX solution, operators can significantly enhance the video streaming experience and grow their revenues.