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Targeted TV advertising is an important pillar for monetizing content on video streaming platforms, but its success relies on attaining valuable, in-depth insights into viewers’ behaviors and preferences. Viaccess-Orca's (VO) Targeted TV Advertising solution features a full-stack programmatic infrastructure and innovative TV data segmentation tools for translating viewers’ usage data into highly valuable segments for advertisers.

What makes this solution especially unique is VO’s behavioral insights on TV usage data — a result of the company’s extensive AI research — which provide an innovative approach to audience monetization for streaming while alleviating reliance on legacy, controversial, third-party, data-based targeting techniques. Driven by AI analytics, VO’s solution enables service providers to accurately segment audiences based on household composition, life moment events, demographics, and more.

VO’s Targeted TV Advertising solution offers several unique features and benefits for streaming service providers Expanded reach: VO’s Targeted TV Advertising solution supports all streaming platforms, devices, operating systems, content forms (i.e., VOD, linear, time-shift TV), viewer touchpoints, and delivery methods (i.e., IPTV, OTT, cable, DTH, DVB), helping video service providers expand their reach. The solution also supports a diverse range of ad types, including video ads, overlay banners and animated GIFs on top of streams, user behavior-driven advertising based on user events, and performance-based advertising that interactively engages viewers.

Personal channels: VO’s solution is powering a new Personal Live Channels service offered by VO and Ateme. By simplifying the creation of VOD-to-live and personalized live channels with targeted ads, it redefines the linear TV experience. Full control VO’s solution offers granular control over the advertising experience by implementing rules from the content to the offering level. Rules can be combined with contextual information allowing operators to fine-tune the offering to maximize monetization while complying with content owner agreements and regulation requirements. Fast time to market: VO’s solution is integrated with encoding, origin packaging, cloud DVR, and CDN from leading ecosystem partners to speed up time to market.

Maximizing revenues VO’s solution combines server-side and client-side ad insertion, allowing streaming service providers to achieve the best monetization, viewer experience, and reach. Data analytics: With VO’s solution, service providers can leverage usage data to create personalized recommendations proven to drive higher engagement and increase viewing time on streaming platforms. As a result, there are more opportunities to display ads and a higher revenue potential. The same usage data is also leveraged to make a unique set of profiles and household segmentation, improving campaign targeting by matching every ad with the desired audience.

Free ad-supported TV (FAST): VO’s solution supports FAST channels, allowing streaming service providers to dynamically insert ads into linear TV channels streamed on connected devices. VO’s Targeted TV Advertising solution has been deployed by leading service providers worldwide, including Orange Belgium, Avatel, and Mola TV, one of the fastest growing entertainment networks in Indonesia. VO’s Targeted TV Advertising deserves to win this award because it enables service providers to fully monetize their first-party usage data and dramatically surpass the revenue of traditional TV advertising on streaming platforms.