7fivefive - Remote Edit Dashboard and Cloud Broadcast Systems Engineering Services


Category Virtualisation

DMW Awards Finalist

7fivefive’s services help automate and streamline operational workflows within the media and broadcast industries. 7fivefive understands that every media workflow has its own systems, challenges, and requirements. By drawing upon a pool of insightful, first-hand knowledge about production, media encoding, Broadcast/IT systems and storage, 7fivefive is able to work closely with media organisations, listening to and understanding their challenges, to find cost-effective, scalable and robust workflow solutions and work best for the organisation's specific needs. Because many media and broadcast organisations rely upon a variety of systems and software across multiple teams, ensuring that everything integrates seamlessly is essential to operational efficiency.

7fivefive provides a unique combination of technical, business, and industry knowledge that is channelled into a complete service system integration. It utilises its team of industry-experienced people and their collective knowledge to offer a client-specific approach that helps content creators and service providers to find and implement more efficient ways to deliver video content, using enhanced video workflows, virtual technologies and smarter thinking.

7fivefive’s high-quality product sourcing skills combined with fresh and innovative thinking ensure a smooth transition into next-generation technologies and workflows.7fivefive’s Remote Edit Dashboard allows for consistent, accurate monitoring, with dashboard and status widgets showing anything from monthly spend, to remote editing workstation status. The dashboard is a simple to use management web interface which offers scalable, cloud-based editing workflows.

It was designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide selection of cloud infrastructures and editing software. The Remote Edit Dashboard allows users to spin-up and spin-down their cloud capacity by shutting down unused workstations and turning them back on when needed. This scalability can cut costs and improve efficiency, helping organisations adapt to hybrid workflows with a simple and intuitive interface. For teams that are dispersed across different locations, resource pooling is extremely beneficial. The ability to track the number of users in-session for each pool over the previous 24 hours, allows teams to manage resources and track productivity with ease. By noting usage patterns, teams can be more responsive to editing demands and fluctuating workloads. By maximising workflow efficiency, users can keep their time and energy focused on creating engaging media content.