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Veset Nimbus is the enterprise-grade, cloud playout platform for advanced channel management. It enables efficient and professional delivery and monetisation of linear channels to OTT or broadcast. As a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, Nimbus embraces its cloud-based nature, making it scalable, customisable, and flexible. Nimbus allows for users to manage multiple channels with multiple live feeds in real time and utilise the advanced capabilities of SCTE35.

With this considered, the software allows for high levels of redundancy without compromising on high-quality video streams.As a SaaS solution, it allows for the easy creation and scheduling of new channels in the cloud, meaning that content owners can manage multiple linear channels without the need to invest in hardware. It includes a range of all-in-one channel creation tools from live stream and file ingest, scheduling, EPG, content management, SCTE35, multiple live switching and complex graphics, to playout and encoding.

Channels can include a mix of live and video-on-demand (VOD) content. Live recording support allows users to record live input sources and ingest these directly to the media library. Users can also record a live feed for real-time streaming or schedule it for playback at a future time.

The solution includes the ability to stream playouts in portrait modes such as 9:16, optimising footage for viewing on mobile phone screens. This feature makes it easier for broadcasters to reach and maintain viewership of the large and growing number of people viewing live and VOD content on mobile.

The latest updates add Support for SMPTE 2022-7, the industry standard that is designed for use in broadcast and professional media production environments, allowing for users to effectively manage the timing of media streams.New feature PiP (Picture in Picture), which allows for the integration of a separate broadcast image over the programming image. New feature Squeeze, which allows for a dramatic and creative ‘squeezing’ effect of the broadcast content.Support for Dolby Audio meaning users can create linear channels with high quality Dolby Digital 5.1 audio for enhanced audio quality.Support for HTML5 (Hypertext Markup Language revision 5) allowing users to create engaging and interactive HTML 5 graphics and import them into a cloud-hosted playout stream.·Integration with AWS Elemental MediaTailor making it simple for users to build channels and insert personalised ads entirely in the cloud.Support for AWS Cloud Digital Interface (AWS CDI), enabling users to distribute high quality uncompressed linear video content, drastically reducing latency, and improving the user experience for viewers.

Addition of scheduling blocks, which can contain primary events that can be played sequentially or randomly every time the block is scheduled.·Adobe After Effects (AE) projects can now be imported natively into Veset Nimbus.