7FiveFive - Lens Portal


Category Cloud - Virtualisation

Lens Portal allows for users to connect, configure, and manage multiple cloud and hybrid editing and workstation environments in a single customisable interface.

The Lens Portal was designed from the ground-up to allow quick and easy remote system deployment and management for all users.With Lens, users can dynamically manage resources, monitor connection quality, multi-site support and increase workflow visibility.With adaptive pooling, Lens can automatically maintain a minimum level of available workstations and will dynamically shutdown unused workstations. Users can request a workstation and Lens will start up a workstation and connect the user automatically once ready. Native support for high availability (HA) architecture, alongside the distributed nature of the platform, means customers can benefit from improved performance, stability, and availability.

Features include self-serve infrastructure, intuitive UX/UI, advanced scheduling and automation, and enhanced visualisation tools.At the centre of Lens Portal are the pillars of multi-site support, intuitive dashboards, advanced troubleshooting, and the ability to monitor cost tracking tools. With Lens Portal, users can identify and diagnose connection and performance issues.

The software is future-proof, advanced and user-friendly, offering a streamlined and re-imagined approach to post-production. The integration of the Workstation Availability Manager (WAM) means that administrators can quickly create set-and-forget schedules to ensure workstations are available as needed, both automatically and dynamically. The calendar interface built into Lens Portal allows multiple events to be configured easily with time zone support.

Not just this, but with intelligent launch and shutdown, Lens Portal is aware of your workflow, and ensures workstations are only shutdown when users have finished their work.Altogether, Lens Portal is the all-in-one workstation that can transform media teams into a cloud-native, future-proof and productive set up.