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Protecting and preserving content is critical for all media organizations. Perifery’s storage management software, Swarm, delivers a cost-predictive S3 cloud native in-facility archive solution to preserve, protect, and access digital assets for reuse and remonetization without the need for a complex and costly media asset management (MAM) system.

The latest integration of Object Matrix Vision into Swarm has further enhanced the management of the media data life cycle, from ingest to archive, allowing better visibility of content and therefore improving ROI. Swarm is the ideal storage management solution for content creators and owners, post-production facilities, media studios, sports teams, corporate media organizations, that manage and catalogue massive amounts of content.

Designed for the media and broadcast industry, Swarm provides solutions to well-known pain points – RAID system failures, slow access with LTO tape, amongst them. It ensures content remains secure but accessible. It enables integration with external applications to provide a seamless editing workflow. It provides intelligent ingest, archive, and metadata search, allowing users to easily find content, allowing media companies to maximise the content they own.

Its web-based media data management platform enables users to preview and download assets with ease, ensuring that content remains useable, no matter where editors are. It offers users flexibility, allowing them to deploy Swarm on standard x86 servers of their choice. It reduces the need for costly MAM platforms.

The S3 cloud native solution reduces costs and complexity by offloading content from expensive primary online workspace. Swarm can easily be dropped into existing media and entertainment workflows through certified integrations. The software is easily scalable for added capacity and throughput.Swarm and its enhanced integration offer customers an enriched asset management experience. U

sers can •Quickly find content with powerful search options.•Provide secure access to internal and external stakeholders.•Implement web-based browsing without the cost or complexity of a MAM.•Preview and download assets with ease.•Add, edit, and search metadata embedded within files.•Generate proxies with current transcoders, allowing previews of assets not playable natively to the browser.•Benefit from seamless integration with existing media applications.•Offload content from public cloud.•Clip specific segments from large video files directly from the archive layer for editing, review, or distribution using Partial File Restore (PFR).