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Myriad is a new all-flash scale-out file and object storage platform ideally suited for the evolving needs of VFX, animation, rendering, the increasing demand for AI and ML content enhancement and new markets such as AR/VR, live production with LED video volumes, and digital capture and twinning.

In contrast to competitors, Myriad eliminates the frustrations in managing and scaling legacy NAS storage systems. These systems suffer from inconsistent performance, are highly complex and difficult to scale, and must be deployed in islands that add workflow complexity and increased management burden. The slow performance makes rendering a painful and long process.

Instead, Myriad takes full advantage of the performance and capabilities of NVMe storage and RDMA communication to deliver the extreme performance (tens of GB/s) and high IOPS (hundreds of thousands) needed for cutting-edge animation and multi-platform workflows without the design limitations of legacy systems. Myriad requires no proprietary hardware, so as market available NVMe storage servers gain higher capacities, higher performance, and lower cost, they can be used, giving flexibility and adaptability and increasing cost efficiency as business and NVMe drive offerings evolve.

Myriad lets you consolidate multiple animation, VFX, and rendering workflows into a single fast system serving all departments, clients, workstations, and workflows including rendering pipelines and AI and ML applications. Myriad delivers consistent performance for all users and is highly efficient storage for the large number of small files common in these workflows, and for serving rendering pipelines without impacting other users.

Myriad is built with cloud-native technologies like microservices and Kubernetes making it extremely flexible and easy-to-use, requires no specialised IT or networking experience, and can be easily deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Myriad delivers this performance in a smaller footprint requiring less power, cooling, and fewer components to reduce networking complexity, administration overhead, and operational costs.

Myriad’s powerful data services ensure that data is deduplicated and compressed to deliver an effective storage size up to 3x the storage capacity. Zero-impact storage snapshots and clones protect against operator error and give extraordinary workflow flexibility. Myriad benefits

•Consistent, fast performance of up to 10’s of GB/s performance and hundreds of thousands of IOPS serving every creative department’s needs, including rendering, on a single system, whether deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

•Modern microservices architecture orchestrated by Kubernetes to deliver simplicity, automation, and resilience at any scale.

•Runs on readily available NVMe flash storage servers allowing swift adoption of the latest hardware capacities and form factors and adapt your storage infrastructure to meet future requirements. •A Myriad cluster can start with as few as three NVMe all-flash storage nodes, and its architecture enables scaling to hundreds of nodes in a single distributed, scale-out cluster. •No specialised IT or networking knowledge needed – powerful automated storage, networking, and cluster management automatically detects, deploys, and configures storage nodes and manages the networking of the internal RDMA fabric. •Highly efficient data storage with intelligence deduplication, compression and self-healing and self-balancing software to respond to system changes. •Simple, powerful data protection and recovery with snapshots, clones, snapshot recovery and rollback capabilities to protect against user error or ransomware.