Haivision - Pro460


Categories Video Processing - Remote Production

Simple, versatile, and high-performance, Haivision’s latest release of the Pro460 meets the demands of multi-camera remote production with ease, complementing both the latest and legacy mobile networks, from 5G through to 3G. The ultra-low latency Haivision Pro460 is a mobile 4K UHD and quad-HD video encoder and transmitter that enables broadcasters to leverage the latest 5G technology in addition to bonded 3G/4G networks with Haivision’s SST technology for live sports, news, and events.

The latest updates to the Haivision Pro460 mobile video transmitter offer pristine-quality video, up to 4K and in HDR, with end-to-end latency across a 5G network as low as 80ms to SDI, NDI, ST 2110, and cloud production workflows. New features added to the Haivision Pro460 mobile transmitter include

Ultra-low latency mode that significantly decreases the minimum latency to as low as 80ms, end-to-end, from encoding to decoding over a private 5G network.

Compatibility with Haivision’s cloud-based platform for remotely managing devices and mapping video sources to destinations over cellular and IP networks. Pairing Pro460 to Haivision’s cloud solution allows for the real-time monitoring, configuration, and control of appliances including Haivision StreamHub receivers, from anywhere using a single browser window.

Improved UI makes device control and management over the web interface and the on-board screen even easier.

Auto-configuration with USB memory key to allow broadcasters to revert to a previous configuration.

Simultaneous live video streaming and recording to an SD card at different resolutions and bitrates, ensuring optimal, consistent video quality.

The Haivision Pro460 mobile video encoder and transmitter is equipped to support broadcasters in leveraging the latest mobile and IP video technology for remote production. Compliant with both private (NPN) and public 5G mobile networks, including network slicing services from CSPs, the Haivision Pro460 can encode and transmit video from up to 4 HD cameras (or a single 4K UHD camera) to a broadcast production facility at very low latency. The Pro460 encodes live video from up to four camera SDI outputs in real-time using either the HEVC or H.264 codec, enabling it to be transferred over a mobile network with very little latency. With its six cellular modems, the Pro460 can aggregate multiple networks for greater bandwidth and reliability, including IP, 3G, 4G, and 5G, for error-free transmission using Haivision’s SST (Safe Stream Transport) technology.

Designed to support broadcasters in leveraging the latest mobile and IP video technology, the Haivision Pro460 mobile video encoder and transmitter offers a complete range of advanced features for live broadcast contribution and remote production.