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Crispin has continued to evolve legacy technology into new solution offerings, in order to meet demand to support Cloud Master Control (CMC).

With over 25 years of experience in broadcast master control and media asset management, Crispin brings a wealth of knowledge and know-how for broadcasters looking for the next generation of Master Control. Crispin announced a new product at NAB Las Vegas 2023 that specifically supports broadcasters looking at cloud solutions.

Crispin’s Content Browser is the latest product in Crispin’s CORE suite of products, and brings customers needed functionality for cloud master control solutions. Specifically, Content Browser provides visibility to multiple areas of playback media in a cloud system and the tools to manage this content more efficiently.

Content Browser allows operators to QC content, review and manage schedule needs, and import media from S3 or other storage locations, all within the same easy-to-use UI. More specifically, Content Browser gives the ability for operators to QC content by trimming, segmenting, and verifying content via Proxy player, directly in the cloud.

Plus, there is no need to import this content into automation to achieve these QC functions. It also offers playlist filters, allowing operators to view this playlist content details based on specific parameters, including reviewing status, identifying any missing content, or simply listing all material scheduled in chronological order.

Importing media from S3 or other storage locations, has never been easier. Operators can list and search all available content in any configured storage bucket to help facilitate locating missing media and provides the ability to initiate a transfer into the cloud playout storage location to meet schedule needs.

Cloud Master Control needs continue to evolve and Crispin is proud of the major product development that has occurred over the last year, in this category.