Open Broadcast Systems - OBE C-100 Encoder Decoder


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The C-100 encoder/decoder supports high-quality, low-latency news, sport, and channel contribution, accelerating the delivery of premium content over IP whilst reducing costs for millions of users.

A major benefit of the C-100 encoders/decoders is that it has no set hardware requirements, meaning hardware platforms can be customised to suit the user’s application requirements. Because of this the C-100 solution makes it extremely simple and cost efficient for flexible deployment of contribution services and can be used in both dense deployments with many channels monitored on a single server, as well as being suitable for small scale single channel deployments.

OBE C-100 encoders/decoders all feature 5G support, making it possible for customers to contribute live video over 5G and experience broadcast quality at sub 100ms latencies over mobile networks, without the external hardware. The platforms also allow multiple feeds to be encoded and decoded on a single server, reducing hardware requirements for further reductions in cost and space and allowing the same license to be used in different locations and times.

Recent updates to the C-100 encoders/decoders include

• Interlaced to Progressive conversion – allows end-users to encode interlaced broadcast video sources into Progressive outputs which can be ingested into web-centric cloud applications, without the need for external deinterlacing hardware. This is especially useful in 2110 deployments where there are only small numbers of existing 2110 deinterlacing products.

• Integration with the CDI Protocol, which allows for transport of uncompressed video within AWS, in a similar fashion to SDI cabling in an on-prem facility. The company’s CDI implementation is a high-performance in-house implementation, with an event-loop based design and use of Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) instructions to maximise performance and channel density.

• An in-house high performance SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol implementation. Built around modern, event-driven software development practices, the SRT implementation is interoperable with existing third-party solutions at very low CPU loads.
The high-quality solutions developed by Open Broadcast Systems deliver services to millions of people every day, including many major sporting and breaking news events. Recent examples include the world-first use of OneWeb to deliver a UEFA Champions League match from the Faroe Islands in July.

The agility of the C-100 Encoder/Decoder means it can be developed and installed in extremely short timeframes, in challenging use cases and at a reasonable cost, without compromising on quality.