Grass Valley LDX C150 Compact Camera


Category Production

As the newest member of the Grass Valley LDX 100 Series camera platform, the LDX-C150 (“C150”) puts the features and functionality of the advanced, full-size Grass Valley LDX 150 Native IP/UHD camera into a compact form factor. The C150 operates in both the SDI and NativeIP without need for external conversion.

The C150’s unique features include Native IP capabilities "(SMPTE 2110)”, exceptional UHD imaging, high-speed 3X native UHD and 6X 1080p HDR modes (PQ, HLG and S-Log3, built-in JPEG-XS compression, baseband SDI (12G, 3G, 1,5G) support, and direct, single cable connectivity to the XCU (base station).

Customers can operate the C150 in 1080i/1080p High Dynamic Range (HDR/SDR) mode. What’s more, customers can upgrade from 1080p to full UHD/4K just by licensing the added capabilities, even if they’re only needed for a short time.

“Our new C150 camera’s versatility ensures very high usability that quickly leads to a return on investment,” said Paul de Bresser, Product Manager Grass Valley. “Instead of just using the camera on a few productions per week or in special situations, the C150 is designed with so much functionality and flexibility that it can be maximized every day.”

A great complement to the full-size LDX-150, the C150 is beneficial to diverse applications including, live sports, REMI remote IP-based production, OB mobile units, Steadicam and SKYCAM/FLYCAM operations. It’s lightweight, compact form factor makes it ideal on robotic-heads at locations where camera operators dare not go due to heights, inaccessibility, or safety risks, such as near racetracks.

The LDX C150 offers a high sensitivity F11@2000 lux global shutter via its three new 2/3-inch Xenios imagers. This state-of-the-art imaging results in a wider dynamic range in native High Dynamic Range (HDR) in PQ, HLG and S-Log3 modes. It also delivers improved signal-to-noise ratio by reducing the gain for cleaner images and greater depth of field by allowing smaller lens apertures for easier and better focusing.

Users can enable up to five built-in JPEG XS codecs for up to 20X compression with extremely low latency. Only a single cable is needed to connect the C150 to the same Grass Valley XCU base station being used to paint and match pictures for the entire multi-camera production.

For full IP trucks, IP facilities, and IP-based REMI remote production, the C150 natively streams ST2110 IP signals in and out without any need for external conversion. It offers simple, scalable multiformat image capture and distribution and supports AMWA NMOS and SMPTE 2110 among other industry standards.

Broadcast, Media & Entertainment professionals can maximize their investment in the C150 due to its unprecedented scalability for a broadcast-quality UHD/Native IP compact camera.