MwareTV WYSIWYG App Builder


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The Video OTT IPTV market is evolving rapidly, with an ever-growing need for streaming and on-demand content. MwareTV recognized that telcos, ISPs and mobile operators, required high-quality, engaging and attractive apps to captivate audiences. At the same time, the services need to be on the same level with industry leaders while maintaining their own unique brand and identity. Traditionally, the process of creating apps was slow, costly, and required specialized skills, hindering rapid deployment and revenue generation.

To tackle these challenges MwareTV released its latest version of the core MwareTV Management System, TVMS, including its new WYSIWYG App Builder in August 2023 to enable users to create fully customized, branded apps through simple drag-and-drop actions, eliminating the need for any coding experience.

This complete end-to-end cloud-based platform manages and delivers both live streaming and video on demand services. It provides a unified, simple middleware solution for all video services, including live streaming, catch-up TV, cloud PVR, movies, series, and also audio services like music and podcasts.

The TVMS, like an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, can be easily configured for the specific service the operator requires. This is a proven product, already in highly successful commercial use globally.

Supporting all major platforms, including iOS, Android, AndroidTV, TVOS, FireTV, WebOS, Tizen, WebTV, and Lightening Framework, App Builder enables operators to reach their audiences across a number of devices, creating a seamless viewing experience.

The strong underlying functionality of the MwareTV platform – like extended metadata, recommendations and series linking, and automated parental control – is all accessible through App Builder, so users are completely free to tailor and brand the consumer interface the way that best suits the business.

In addition, the platform offers starter templates, reducing time to market, while still providing complete customization options with nine menu types, 33 home page widgets and virtually limitless configurations.
Data security is ensured, as MwareTV is a fully cloud-hosted solution with multi-tenant architecture, eliminating the need for any hardware investment. Licensing and hosting costs allow operators to scale their services from start-ups to large subscriber numbers, with costs closely aligned with revenue.

To complete the total solution, MwareTV integrate content encoding and transcoding software, content protection/DRM, and several solutions for delivering or streaming the content, including a global content delivery network, CDN, or software to create a private CDN in the operator’s own network.

The latest release of the TVMS with the new WYSUWYG App Builder is revolutionary, enabling operators to roll out their services rapidly and generate revenues faster. In simplifying the app development process and ensuring a truly seamless brand experience, MwareTV is a true one-stop-shop for video IPTV OTT services.

MwareTV’s commitment to innovation, user-friendly design, and secure cloud-hosted architecture deserves recognition as a leading pioneer in their field.