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Accurate.Video is the cloud-native operations solution that optimises Launch Template Architecture (LTA) in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) format. These new updates were made earlier this year and have changed the way Accurate.Video excels in its space. It is specially formulated for use in collaborative, professional media workflows with time-based metadata at the core.

In September 2023, Codemill announced the launch of Accurate.Video for SaaS integration, made possible by Launch Template Architecture (LTA), which enables integration with an Accurate.Video frontend web application from any existing platform or service. With the new launch of Accurate.Video with LTA capabilities, this removes the need for customers or partners to install Accurate.Video – instead, asset access remains in the users’ own environment. Defining what the user wants to show and how they want it to show is now made a whole lot easier. LTA allows for the integration of Accurate.Video in just a couple of days, providing a smooth and easy to integrate service. The solution allows for frame-accurate, time-coded metadata, and the opportunity to ingest metadata from third-party applications. It is designed with configurable metadata visualisation and features three pre-defined validation workspaces focused on specific use cases. These workspaces also allow for customisation and optimal scalability for specific workflow requirements.

Accurate.Video is designed to optimise content preparation through the automation of labour-intensive media workflows, including essential edit segmentation, versioning, QC, compliance, and localisation. It allows for seamless integration with any video platform, application, or Media Asset Management (MAM), and features metadata-driven workflows in a configurable, frame-accurate, user-interface. Accurate.Video now features toolbar icons for setting the duration of a program, as well as identifying the best position for ad-breaks. The dedicated ad-break workspace includes a new marker type (a spanning marker) and enables users to define the start and end of a program. Content operators can then create dedicated breaks and cuts, utilising the content’s associated metadata.

Features include, but are not limited to: •Software-as-a-service (SaaS) capabilities •Launch Template Architecture (LTA) integration •Minimal installation •Complete set up in just a few days •Validate: audio validation, ad breaks, metadata panel •Edit: sub clipping, remove segments, export new assets •Poster: metadata templates, aspect ratio, local download •Metadata visualisation •Audio management •Subtitles & closed captions •Annotations & markers With Accurate.Video, users can validate, edit and enrich their media with the implementation of Accurate.Video into any post-production workflow, now with the added benefits of SaaS capabilities and Launch Template Architecture, making the software that much more accessible and scalable for users.