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Inheriting the all of the tools of the acclaimed QxL rasterizer, the QxP offers an integral 3U multi-touch LCD screen with V-Mount or Gold-mount battery support for 12G-SDI and 25GE IP portability.  Designed for all production workflows, whether its HD, UHD, SDR, HDR, SDI or IP, remote or conventional, the QxP’s combined analyzer, generator and monitoring toolsets are designed to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s hybrid environments.

The QxP includes the latest in PHABRIX’s patented waveform technology, featuring a high-resolution image processing pipeline with support for deep color sources up to 12-bits, delivering all the fine detail needed for camera shading or image grading. Users can access a choice of parade, stacked and overlayed display modes, with the option of multi-colored, highlighted, green or monochrome traces. Nits scales and user-controlled Nits markers are provided for SDR, HLG, PQ, S-Log3 and SR-live HDR formats, along with Rec 709 and Rec 2020 colorimetry over the wide-range of YCbCr:422, RGB:444, SDI, 2110, HD/2K/UHD/4K/EUHD formats for which PHABRIX is renowned.

For real-time IP production, the unit provides support for generation and analysis of HD/3G/UHD/EUHD 2110 payloads on generic SFP28/25GbE interfaces. The flexible architecture of the QxP offers in-field, engineering grade data view and ANC packet inspection tools together with optional IP upgrades for 2110-UHD/4K 48-60p RGB (EUHD), 4GB flexible PCAP capture, Dolby E Decode and HDR.

For users working in ST 2110, with ST 2059 Precision Time Protocol (PTP), a core IP toolset offers all of the IP confidence status monitoring in an intuitive and accessible manner. An optional IP-MEAS test suite provides a comprehensive set of tools for compliance verification and commissioning of IP systems and equipment. Hardware-based timestamping locked to PTP ensures accurate, realtime, deterministic timing measurements of media flows and ST 2110-21 buffer models.

The QxP is amongst the first device of its type for which SDI is an option – not part of the core. It therefore delivers an unparalleled price performance entry point for the modern HD IP broadcast user – with the flexibility to evolve the firmware for UHD over IP, QC, engineering, HDR, on the same platform to meet the evolving needs of the business and future proof the investment. QxP offers RTE™ real-time SDI eye and jitter analysis with a highly advanced SDI-STRESS optional toolset ideal for product development. In the 12G-SDI world, noise floors are required to be much lower to ensure that accurate and meaningful measurements can be taken. QxP SDI generation and measurement technology has been specifically adapted for 12G applications. With its unique class leading SDI-STRESS toolset, sophisticated RTE™ (Real-Time Eye) multi-rate physical layer display, and automated SMPTE compliance measurements, the QxP offers an advanced product solution for SDI compliance verification.