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The Maxon One package offers one of the most powerful creative tool sets to help artists and creators of all kinds turn their creative visions into reality, supplying industry-leading tools Cinema 4D, Forger, Red Giant, Redshift, Universe and ZBrush in one bundle. This offering also provides creatives with instant access to the latest versions and newest tools as part of Maxon’s ongoing commitment to continuously update their tools to meet the evolving needs of the user. Users can create spectacular VFX, sculpt realistic characters and bring them to life, design professional broadcast graphics, visualize industrial, architectural and scientific content, put graphics in all types of motion, utilize all the power of hardware to render and add desired finishing touches with the collection of industry leading compositing, editing and filmmaking tools. All of the tools within this package are characterized by their user-friendly interface, outstanding performance and a comprehensive range of features that allows artists to explore various creative avenues without the need for multiple software subscriptions.

These features also ensure all of the tools are accessible and easy to use for everyone, even for those who are new to the world of 3D design and animation. Leading industry artists and studios around the world continue to create powerful and impressive award-winning projects using Maxon One tools as part of their creative workflow, bringing ideas to life with accessible and efficient tools built for creating high quality work. The Maxon One tools are essential for any professional in the film or animation industry looking to create high-quality motion graphics content, and have been used by a huge number of visual effects Oscars and Emmys winners and nominees in 2023 alone. Production designer, Dylan Cole integrated Cinema 4D into his production workflow for Avatar: The Way of Water for rough blocking models and the development of certain pre-vis assets. For the opening test flight scene in Top Gun: Maverick, Futuristic User Interface Designer, Jayse Hansen, utilized Cinema 4D to create impactful visual effects for the design of the jet cockpit and mission control. Stormborn Studios found that using Redshift on Five Days At Memorial provided them the advantage of rendering faster on fewer machines and as a result ensured a seamless and efficient post-production rendering process. This Maxon One offering has seen a huge number of exciting updates and additions this last year to help improve workflows and inspire creativity.

In particular, the highly anticipated 2023 fall release saw massive updates across the entire suite, including an optimized Cinema 4D core, more art-directable Pyro simulations, enhanced Real Lens Flares and color correction workflows. Cinema 4D Cinema 4D 2024 provides unmatched speed and performance for the most sophisticated creative scenes. Rigid Body Simulations can now interact with all existing forces, pyro, cloth and soft bodies. Pyro shines with a hot new feature that allows fire to be emitted from particles and matrices. And the new Vertex Normal tools offer artists unparalleled precision to perfect surfaces. ZBrush The latest update features a new Anchors Brush and valuable updates to existing tools.

The Anchors Brush provides an intuitive new way to deform meshes by applying anchors onto a mesh while allowing for actions like Inflate, Twist, Move and Rotate to be performed. The Spotlight feature received updated sliders, providing increased control over the impact of alphas on surfaces. The Morph Brush has been expanded to include compatibility with Undo History. Contact has also been updated to allow for intuitive alignment of one mesh to another. Red Giant The latest updates for Red Giant include updates to our Trapcode, Magic Bullet, VFX and Universe toolsets. Trapcode 2024 allows you to create realistic thermal dynamics thanks to the Particular Fluid Dynamics Simulation extension. VFX 2024 opens up a new dimension in lighting control and includes several enhancements to the popular Real Lens Flares. With Magic Bullet 2024, color correction is easier than ever - plus a host of new presets give users more creative freedom. And Universe 2024 offers a great number of new presets. Redshift The latest version of Redshift introduces additional adjustment parameters to the MatCap shader, allowing users to prepare beautiful illustrative renders from their own digital sketches and quickly create simple, stylized renderings.

Thanks to the Distorter node now featuring 3D distortion using Maxon Noise, bump maps can now be distorted. Additionally, Redshift CPU performance has been improved on systems with at least 12 CPU threads. And Redshift in Blender now supports the Jitter Node, which allows to quickly vary shader attributes across a large number of assets. Universe Universe 2024 offers more than 50 new Capsule presets for video editors and compositors that will spark their creativity. To make Universe more user-friendly and improve the creative experience, we have also added Chinese and Japanese localization to Universe. Forger Forger now brings the popular ZRemesher to your mobile Sculpting experience. Retopologize your meshes intuitively using the full feature set of the popular feature from ZBrush, all on the iPad. Forger has added Viewport effects, as well as a shift in default material , which helps improve workflows to achieve a more realistic artwork.

The latest version of Forger includes a well-rounded set of new tools. The new Sketch Sculpt Brush lets users easily create new shapes, new Sweep and Lathe tools add new modeling capabilities to Forger and the addition of a new lighting toolset which now includes Area and IES lights. Maxon has also added tools for rounding out harsh bevels, modeling round details and Forger now supports hierarchies, making it easy for artists to organize their creations.