AJA Video Systems - HDR Image Analyzer 12G v3.0 Software


Categories QC QA Monitoring

v3.0 software for the AJA HDR Image Analyzer 12G brings powerful new features to the HDR monitoring and analysis solution. Designed to help professionals keep pace with evolving demands across live, on-set, quality control (QC), and post production environments, the free update delivers new workflow capabilities. It increases the volume of video channels that can be analyzed simultaneously, integrates new Dolby Vision tools, adds NDI connectivity options, expands support for the latest ARRI color science with ARRI LogC4 analysis, and enhances 8K/UHD2 compatibility for high-resolution workflows. With multi-camera workflows a modern production standard, the ability to analyze more than one signal side-by-side and see adjustments reflected in real-time has become essential, especially for camera matching.

With v3.0 software, HDR Image Analyzer 12G now supports up to four separate channels of signal analysis, up to 4x 4K/UHD. Each quadrant in the user interface (UI) is individually configurable to present an analysis tool for any of the four channels. The update lets users access a new four-channel view to monitor each signal simultaneously, with each channel showing the image, waveform, and vectorscope, plus audio metering. In addition to offering multi-channel signal analysis capabilities, HDR Image Analyzer 12G v3.0 introduces Dolby Vision dynamic metadata inspection and presentation, with support for Dolby Vision v4.0 and v2.9, through automatic detection. The improvement allows users to take in an SDI signal with embedded Dolby Vision metadata and view the Dolby Vision metadata in various ways. L1 metadata is presented visually in the waveform as NIT markers and all of the metadata is displayed in the Dolby Vision metadata analysis tool as readable text. It can be seen in real-time on a scene-by-scene/shot-by-shot basis or as the metadata is changed upstream of the HDR Image Analyzer.

Helping to accelerate color and QC workflows, this new feature addition gives professionals greater confidence that they’ve generated and validated the correct Dolby Vision metadata. HDR Image Analyzer 12G v3.0 further broadens available device connectivity and delivers support for additional camera log color spaces and more 8K formats. Users can now send full NDI 4K/UHD/2K/HD signals over an ethernet connection to the HDR Image Analyzer 12G and run them through its robust image analysis toolset as they would with an SDI signal without external conversion technology – offering space, power, and cost savings. The feature arrives alongside new native support for ARRI LogC4 analysis and additional 8K/UHD2 format support. 8K 2SI/SQD quad-link YCbCr up to 60 fps, 8K 2SI/SQD quad-link RGB up to 30 fps, and 8K dual-link YCbCr up to 30 fps are now supported.