Broadcast Traffic Systems - Essentials with SaaS updates


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Launched in March 2023, the SaaS version of ESSENTIALS simplifies both traditional linear scheduling for broadcast platforms, and FAST scheduling for streaming. Built on Microsoft Azure, the platform integrates with existing authentication schemes and third-party advertising sales systems. ESSENTIALS also includes two-way integration with playout providers. The application features multiple EPG interfaces and is accessible from any browser.

ESSENTIALS is a modular, entry-level channel management application, designed for broadcasters who require a comprehensive traffic system at an affordable price. It’s built using a modular structure, which allows broadcasters to only select the modules that are relevant to their operation. The cloud-based scheduling application is accessible from any browser and is available on a per-channel, per-month basis. General features include browser-based access, rapid remote installation, multi-channel region and currency, and fully integrated auditing. It is a true multi-language application with data input in any language and can operate on all major operating systems and databases on a cloud or internal network installation. In the rapidly evolving broadcasting landscape, SaaS-based channel management is a critical tool for companies looking to stay competitive and drive revenue growth.

The SaaS offering enables users to experience the same ESSENTIALS elements needed to run a traffic scheduling operation, with the bonus of accessing the service effortlessly via the internet. The SaaS model provides companies with a scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solution that streamlines sales processes, enhances collaboration, and delivers real-time insights into channel performance. At a time when budgets are tight and broadcasters are looking for efficient solutions, the modular structure of ESSENTIALS makes it possible for broadcasters to only select the modules that they require. With its rapid remote installation, multi-channel and region, it’s an affordable way for broadcasters to get up and running quickly and efficiently.