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manifold CLOUD is a software-based solution that provides compression, multi-viewing, routing, up/down/cross conversion, audio/video mixing, color correction, color space conversion, and other live production functionality as services through a single-sign-on web UI. Designed to run on COTS Intel FPGA acceleration cards from multiple manufacturers, services are quickly created and configured on-demand within a private cloud environment and automatically assigned to an accelerator card. Services are grouped in clusters that can operate simultaneously - each supporting an individual cluster, such as a sports event or news show. In the event of a hardware or link failure, services are automatically restored on another accelerator card for maximum resiliency.manifold CLOUD offers all the benefits of cloud but for Tier 1 live productions. E.g., scalability, commodity hardware, automatic provisioning, resiliency and efficiency while supporting large, live uncompressed workflows with subframe latency and with 90% less power consumption than CPU solutions.