Dalet Cut


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Dalet Cut is a cloud-native, lightning-fast multimedia and multiplatform editor fully integrated within the Dalet ecosystem. It powers live web-based editing from anywhere with native access to all assets including clips, sequences, projects and graphics, even on limited bandwidth.

The intuitive UX enables content producers and storytellers to collaborate with unparalleled speed and efficiency, delivering better audience experiences across linear and non-linear channels. In a few clicks, content targeted for linear channels can be repackaged for social and OTT platforms, optimizing resources and saving time. No need for VPN, searching various drives for media, local rendering or lengthy training. Dalet Cut employs a digital-first approach that features templates to adjust aspect ratios for various video requirements, ensuring stories are prepared in the right shape and form. Users can write scripts, edit content, record narration, add graphics and manipulate captions. Innovative script-to-graphic and AI-powered translations enable users to add impactful narration graphics to stories quickly and easily for any platform.

For News workflows -. Dalet Cut is natively connected to Dalet Pyramid news planning calendars, assignments, rundowns, archives and more. With full access to Dalet Pyramid shared resources, journalists, producers and news directors can easily collaborate and focus on story development and editorial decisions without the burden of trying to locate relevant content.

Dalet Cut supports important news requirements, including growing files, closed captions and edit-in-place both on-premises and in the cloud. Users can easily and quickly edit and package sports and event highlights, short-form programs or social promos and target for any platform.Production, Media Supply Chain and Other Media Workflows - Dalet Cut seamlessly integrates with Dalet Flex, bringing significant production capabilities such as editing packages for social channels, compliance editing and more.

Dalet Flex’s underlying Media Asset Management and Orchestration engine keeps track of in-progress content workflows, eliminating the complexity of managing large pools of assets across multiple locations, bringing much needed operational efficiency and cost savings to workflows. Because Dalet Cut is cloud native, it can be deployed for any scenario - on premise, hybrid or full cloud. The SaaS model offers ongoing maintenance updates and set pricing to ensure that you have the very latest technology at a set budget.