AWS - Amazon IVS Real-Time Streaming


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Low latency live streaming has quickly become vital to the audience experience, enabling content creators to connect with live audiences in a more direct, personal way to ensure memorable viewing experiences. To this end, Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently launched an update to its fully managed live streaming solution Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS), which enables the delivery of real-time live streams to 10,000 viewers, with up to 12 hosts and a latency of under 300 milliseconds from host to viewer. With the new Real-Time Streaming capability of Amazon IVS, participants can join a virtual resource called a “stage” as either viewers or hosts in a video app. Multiple hosts can collaborate on a stage, and up to 10,000 participants can be viewers watching the stage.

Hosts can also promote an audience member “on stage”, turning them from a viewer into a host. The new functionality makes it easier for Amazon IVS customers to build more dynamic, interactive video experiences for a broader range of latency sensitive environments, like social media applications or live auctions, without having to build custom workaround using external tools. Ideal for user-generated content platforms, retail, education, and other applications featuring interactive live streamed video, the new Amazon IVS Real-Time Streaming capability also includes layered encoding or simulcast. It ensures that Amazon IVS automatically sends multiple video and audio variations when hosts publish to a stage, so viewers can enjoy the stream at the best quality possible with their respective network connections.

Commenting on the new update, live stream shopping platform Whatnot shares, “Scaling live video auctions to our global community is one of our major engineering challenges. Ensuring real-time latency is fundamental to maintaining the integrity and excitement of our auction experience. By leveraging Amazon IVS Real-Time Streaming, we can confidently scale our operations worldwide, assuring a seamless and high-quality real-time video experience across our entire user base, whether on web or mobile platforms.” As audience expectations for live high-quality interactive streams continue to grow, Amazon IVS is helping content creators keep pace.