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In today’s age of hyper-personalization, offering compelling video streaming and FAST channel ads is key to boosting subscriber satisfaction and monetization. Harmonic’s VOS®360 Ad SaaS is an industry-first, innovative stand-alone server-side ad insertion (SSAI) solution that is fully cloud-native, enabling targeted ad delivery to millions of concurrent viewers for live, linear TV and VOD streaming, including FAST channels. Using VOS360 Ad SaaS, video service providers can deliver personalized ads, including virtual product placements, squeeze back and double box ads, in the same stream. The comprehensive solution includes ad ingest and processing, ad serving, frame-accurate server-side ad insertion, ad decision server and supply-side server capabilities. Solving a Critical Need for Scalability, Flexibility and Enhanced AddressabilityAs video service providers look to support targeted advertising, VOS360 Ad SaaS answers the critical need for a monetization solution that is open and scalable.

The SaaS solution offers an open ecosystem with well-known partners and well-documented APIs for extensive flexibility and simplified targeted ad delivery. Harmonic’s SSAI solution is proven to deploy at scale as part of an open ecosystem with Google Ad Manager, allowing for deeper access to Google’s ad monetization suite, including demand-side partners, reporting, analytics, and ad quality controls, resulting in more granular targeting.Integration with Beachfront’s sell-side ad server enables video service providers to maximize existing inventory. VOS360 Ad SaaS is also integrated and deployed with other industry-leading ad decision servers and supply-side platforms, including SpringServe and Equativ. Additionally, VOS360 Ad SaaS is also integrated with Mirriad’s virtual product placement insertion technology to enable individual targetability at a massive scale.VOS360 Ad SaaS can be used with Harmonic’s market-leading VOS360 Media SaaS, or with third-party origin servers, addressing the market demand for SSAI solutions that offer third-party origin support.Why VOS360 Ad SaaS is GroundbreakingA breakthrough for the video streaming industry, VOS360 Ad SaaS offers several innovative features and benefits: Low latency: VOS360 Ad SaaS supports low-latency HLS and DASH formats, ensuring a latency of about 3 seconds or less with targeted ads which is critical for live sports streaming.Geo-redundancy: Cloud geo-redundancy, source redundancy, and multi-CDN path diversity ensure high availability.

Targeted addressability: With VOS360 Ad SaaS, advertisements can be personalized to the user level, increasing viewer engagement and improving CPMs for video service providers.Scalability: VOS360 Ad SaaS provides unparalleled scalability for a superior viewing experience and is proven to scale up to millions of concurrent viewers.Dynamic brand insertion: VOS360 Ad SaaS enables video service providers to create more ad inventory without increasing the ad load. Field-proven reliability: Deployed at scale, the solution provides industry acclaimed reliability for ad revenue streams.VOS360 Ad SaaS is being used by leading video service providers, including MSG Networks, to transcode 65,000 ad creatives per month, support 260 million ad impressions per month, and serve 12 billion manifests per month. Harmonic’s VOS360 Ad SaaS deserves to win this award for enabling video streaming service providers to deliver targeted addressable ads to viewers at scale, with low latency and high availability, boosting monetization.