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Through a full suite of pre-integrated partnerships, Edgio de-risks and streamlines operations, while helping customers save time, reduce costs, and free up knowledgeable staff and resources for creative tasks. Finding a technology provider that offers a modular, flexible approach with pre-integrated, best-in-breed partner solutions means content owners and broadcasters wanting to launch a new service can design a custom ecosystem tailored to their content distribution strategies. At the same time, many streaming organizations already leverage multiple vendors or a mix of vendor and in-house technology to piece together increasingly complex workflows.

Existing streaming services need a technology provider that easily integrates into their best-in-breed ecosystem to simplify workflows and decrease operational costs. Flexibility is at the core of the partner ecosystem, meaning customers can easily build around their existing systems, legacy infrastructure or preferred third-party solutions.At launch, the ecosystem includes the following partners: Accedo: App Development – Providing media companies a consistent, high-quality representation of their brand across all streaming touchpoints with Video Application management, including custom templates and bespoke development for state-of-the-art UX that attracts and retains users. Bitmovin: Video Player + Analytics – Guarantees flawless playback and viewing experiences across the most extensive range of devices at speed and scale. With Bitmovin Analytics, customers can ensure stream reliability and gain access to real-time insights and monitoring to optimize video and ad workflows across all platforms.Edgio: Uplynk Platform, CDN Delivery, and Managed Service Provider – Uplynk empowers media companies to deliver the highest-quality streaming experiences to global audiences, while reducing time-to-market and driving operational scale. Uplynk will be the foundation upon which the partner ecosystem is built, harnessing a mix of open standard video protocols and flexible APIs.