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Protecting and preserving content is critical for media organizations. Amid rising threats like ransomware and potential hardware failures, ensuring top-tier security for backup content isn't just an option, it is a necessity to enable future content utilization and profit. Perifery's Swarm storage management software sets a new standard of innovation for media storage by supporting ultra-fast metadata searches, robust security, and seamless integration with the public cloud.Swarm is the ideal storage management solution for content creators and owners, post-production facilities, media studios, sports teams, corporate media organizations, that manage and catalog massive amounts of content. Using the cost-predictive S3 cloud native in-facility archive solution, content creators can preserve, protect, and access digital assets for reuse and re-monetization without the need for a complex and costly media asset management (MAM) system.

Pushing the Boundaries of Content Storage Innovation Two new technology integrations highlight how Perifery’s Swarm solution is pushing the boundaries to help bring innovation to the industry. Following the acquisition of Object Matrix, Swarm is now integrated with Object Matrix Vision to simplify management of the media data life cycle, from ingest to archive, allowing better visibility of content and therefore improving ROI. This integration enriches the media asset management user experience, enabling instant and easy access to stored files through a web-based user interface. The unified offering brings multiple infrastructure solutions from Perifery under one universal platform and redefines how storage resources are best utilized, helping content creators get the best from their archive and maximize monetization opportunities.