AJA Video Systems - HELO Plus 2.0


Categories Streaming

v2.0 firmware for AJA's popular HELO Plus H.264 streaming/encoding/recording device included a host of free new improvements that streamline the delivery of compelling live-streamed content.

The update also introduced two new licensable features, including simultaneous multi-channel stereo audio streaming/recording and PlayToStream, which lets users use a previously recorded program for a future streaming event.

HELO Plus v2.0 offers a broad range of user-inspired improvements, including new audio choices, full integration with Facebook Live, SDI and HDMI status overlays, and more. An optional new PlayToStream license, available for purchase, enables playout of a previously recorded show as a streaming source, even alongside another live stream being served.

Professionals can opt to leverage the add-on to record a live stream to a storage device connected to HELO Plus and playback the stream as soon as the recording ends or later, which can be scheduled from the integrated web-browser user interface (UI).

True multi-channel stereo audio streaming is also available via a separate optional license that supports two simultaneous channels of stereo audio streaming/recording.

With this feature, professionals can assign one audio stereo pair to stream content in one language and the other to stream the same content in a different language for multilingual needs.