BVM-HX3110 4K HDR Professional Grading Monitor


Category Post Production - QC QA Monitoring

Sony’s new 30.5 inch 4K HDR professional monitor, the BVM-HX3110, is designed for color grading, live production and post-production. It features a new Sony-designed dual layer LCD panel supporting a higher peak luminance of up to 4000cd/m².

New proprietary signal processing combined with a higher luminance capacity reveal greater detail in bright areas while maintaining contrast and deep, rich blacks required for critical evaluation applications. The BVM-HX3110 also sports a wider viewing angle and new anti-reflection coating allowing the monitor to be used in more diverse environments.

Utilizing the same color gamut as other popular Sony professional monitors ensures color consistency throughout the production workflow – from acquisition to editing through to color grading and QA.
In addition to standard 12G SDI and HDMI interfaces, the BVM-HX3110 is the first Sony professional monitor to offer a standard ST-2110 IP interface with hitless failover and redundancy. Optional JPEG-XS decoder and SNMP support are also offered to facilitate the BVM-HX3110’s inclusion in professional IP infrastructures.

Along with accurate color reproduction and picture consistency, the BVM-HX3110 adds a host of new features to its standard toolset including, waveform monitor/vector and color gamut scopes, false color, focus assist, closed captioning, 3D LUT processing and multi-source viewing. Additional features are available via optional licenses to further enhance the standard toolset with new, unique features such as Fast Pixel Response for reduced motion blur and HDR to SDR conversion for internal signal processing and processed signal output.