Dalet Pyramid Cut - News Editing in the Cloud


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DMW Awards Finalist

One of the biggest challenges in newsrooms is enabling journalists to produce stories from anywhere. Dalet Pyramid Cut is a browser-based multimedia editor designed for modern news storytelling. The cloud-native solution was built around the journalist’s needs when producing and editing video stories. With this solution, news producers can create content from anywhere, for all platforms – digital, social, TV and radio – simultaneously.

Dalet Pyramid Cut offers Dalet Galaxy Newsroom users fast, web-based news editing, even with limited bandwidth. Users can upload rushes, gather source materials, edit videos and publish remotely from anywhere. It’s underpinned by an agile architecture that facilitates collaboration with the industry’s first Storytelling 360 approach. It is cloud-agnostic and supports multiple cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS). Dalet Pyramid Cut can also run in virtualized environments, offering unprecedented mobility that supports remote productions.

Dalet Pyramid Cut benefits from the Dalet media asset management and orchestration engine running ingest, production, delivery and archive workflows for the wider Dalet unified news operations solution. Editing workflows are natively part of the entire production and distribution workflow driving greater efficiency with real time access to content.

The Dalet Pyramid Cut Media Bin encourages enhanced collaboration. Its content can be accessed by broadcast or digital teams working on the same story. This allows teams in any location to use source materials to craft their own stories and repurpose each other’s stories. This reduces duplication of work, maximizes productivity and improves publication time.

Within Dalet Pyramid Cut, users can view assignments and access the Dalet Pyramid script editor which enables real-time script collaboration and integration with the production control room and teleprompters.
One of the most significant features of Pyramid Cut is the ability to work with growing files, allowing the journalist to start editing without having to wait for the live stream to be over. The journalist or editor can access the video files from the cloud and edit a preview for a digital team or the rundown.

The Dalet Pyramid Xtend feature gives journalists seamless integration between Dalet Pyramid Cut and Adobe Premiere Pro. Adobe users can access media, scripts, even edit on the cloud using remote rendering through Adobe Media Encoder.

To summarize, Dalet Pyramid Cut is more than a media editing tool, it is an entire collaborative ecosystem for news creators. Besides offering the expected capabilities such as transitions, graphic generation, and voiceover recording, it allows journalists access to media, scripts, and assignments — features shared with Dalet Pyramid’s Centralized Planning solution. This fluid exchange of information between Pyramid Cut and Pyramid planner, substantially improves productivity and quality when creating news stories.