Avid Edit On Demand


Category Post Production

Now equipped with SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol in the latest edition of Media Composer editing software, Avid | Edit On Demand provides users with in-person, over-the-shoulder access for content review and approval that’s essential for successful remote workflows, and is virtually indistinguishable from on-premises editing setups.

Post production teams can collaborate in the cloud as effectively as working together in a studio, and production teams can spin up virtualized resources including Media Composer seats with Avid NEXIS cloud storage. Within a matter of hours, teams can access their workflows from anywhere and shut them down quickly when projects are complete. With greater collaboration through SRT, broadcast and post-production teams can distribute multiple outputs to multiple devices simultaneously, allowing for faster client review and feedback leading to timely project completion.

This new capability further enhances the powerful, quickly deployable Avid | Edit On Demand cloud editing environment, enabling users to securely stream the video and audio output of Media Composer over the internet to anyone, anywhere using an SRT-enabled decoder, set-top box, video player or mobile device to view the playback in real time. This gives users tremendous flexibility and efficiency when implementing an over-the-shoulder solution, effectively streamlining costs.

Avid Edit On Demand integrated with SRT enables users to:
• Collaborate from anywhere - With enabled on-prem and remote collaboration, organizations can easily onboard a new team, expand an existing one, or enable remote training. With a laptop or mobile device, editors can connect to Media Composer and an Avid NEXIS workspace in the cloud from anywhere, making it easy to bring in top talent and even collaborate "over the shoulder" with any editor.
• Share media securely - With the added benefit of SRT, which is proven to be extremely secure and reliable and provides end-to-end 128/256-bit AES encryption, teams can password protect streams and set additional security options when sending output to devices. Paired with Avid NEXIS cloud storage, users also get proven data protection that gives editors and other contributors shared access to content, with the ability to restrict access and further safeguard media from unauthorized use or export. All media, tools, and data are protected in the cloud, safeguarding the production from unauthorized access and cyber threats.
• Get up and running fast - With automated deployment, teams can ramp up a fully provisioned editing suite within hours – not days. Users can also flexibly configure storage and seats according to their schedule requirements, with fast burst capacity to handle production surges, and monitor usage in the dashboard for more informed decision making about the organization’s needs and to prevent the over-utilization of resources.