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Taking control of high-value content is a growing trend among media-rich organizations, whether these are broadcasters, OTT providers, studios, brands, or sports teams and leagues. They want more autonomy and dexterity when it comes to monetizing and extracting the highest value of their content. With full control of content and historical archives, these companies can customize and deliver media experiences that deepen engagement and loyalty with existing viewers/fans while reaching new audiences.

Successful production and distribution workflows rely on the ability to manage content libraries and leverage archives which are often disconnected from the workflow. The Dalet Flex solution for Intelligent Archive enables customers to enhance their video strategy and media-savvy organizations to optimize their high-value content.

A cloud-native media logistics solution, Dalet Flex features purpose-built tools, powerful workflow orchestration, and advanced metadata management that enables organizations to manage petabytes of content including IMF, Image Sequences, AS-02, and ProRes elements extending from HD, 2K, 4K, and 8K with efficiency. The underlying media asset management integrates archives into the wider production workflow, ensuring objects and metadata are connected and assets are highly searchable and retrievable across both content libraries and archives. Dalet Flex also offers disaster recovery. With extremely high storage durability guaranteed by cloud vendors, deploying an archive in the cloud is often more secure than on-premises. This is paired with Dalet Flex high-availability architecture, with services like redundancy across different availability zones. For extra safety, Dalet Flex can be configured to manage two instances of an archive, one on-premises and a copy in the cloud, giving customers business continuity.

 With Dalet Flex users can

• Organize and curate assets in a central library, search for and update metadata, trigger workflows.
• Upload, tag and organize assets. Browse, filter, sort and search. Build collections to curate and prepare content for delivery.
• Allocate and manage user tasks. Drive review and approval workflows, with time-coded comments. Fine-grained access control and sharing functions.
• Make media assets easy to re-use, with a secure and metadata-rich archive.

Core technical advantages include

• Broadcast format awareness and optimized performance for large file workflows: Dalet Flex is able to recognize and manipulate broadcast formats that come with complex folder and file structures such as IMF, AS02, and data from camera cards. Users can automate more efficient archive/restore processes. Dalet Flex is highly optimized for large file manipulation. For example, Dalet Flex decreases computing by a factor of five to process and package an image sequence before archiving it.

• Distributed architecture: Dalet Flex can manage multiple storage pools, on premises or in the cloud. Customers can search and preview content that is spread across multiple locations and storage pools from one central library.

• Scalability: Media processing services are elastic and auto-scalable. Run projects simultaneously with the highest degree of performance.

• Advanced metadata: Fully customizable data models and support for numerous metadata fields types, including controlled vocabularies (tags, taxonomies, thesaurus), ensure customers can build a truly valuable archive. Integration with Dalet Media Cortex brings AI/ML capabilities to optimize archive indexing and repurposing including popular speech to text capabilities.

• Orchestration: The orchestration engine lets customers automate workflows and minimize manual upkeep and standardized process for managing library content and processes.

• Security: Dalet Flex features fine-grained permissions management that can be configured to control who has access to content and when.

As an example, the Australian Football League (AFL) needed to share their rich archives with fans and partners. The archives spanned more than a century with some 22K tapes. They used Dalet Flex to facilitate cloud-based digitisation and workflow modernisation.

“As custodians of the history of the game, it’s really important that we provide a simple way for future generations to access and experience the game’s rich history. Dalet Flex provides a single source of truth for this mammoth archive. You can use Dalet Flex to search the archives, pull content and package it for monetization for any type of sales channel. The core design of the system tracks not only media assets but manages commercial agreements, compliance requirements and transactions tied to those assets. This allows us to set up an on-demand service that radically changes how we can share with our broadcast customers and fans,” said Spencer Wilson, Operations and Broadcast Manager, AFL.

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