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The only constant in the current state of flux is the need for SDI inputs and outputs in ever higher capacity. Lawo .edge provides this in an amazingly compact footprint, at 25GbE or 100GbE, and with all the routing capabilities users expect from Lawo. A one-of-a-kind CAPEX/OPEX solution, .edge allows users to add hardware and software functionality via software licenses—even for a limited time. .edge is furthermore an instant, drop-in replacement for a legacy SDI router.Hyper Density As A Service.edge is designed with simplicity, flexibility, agility and economic efficiency in mind

Software-defined by nature, it can be used as a feature-laden replacement for traditional SDI routers, and expanded with flexible software licenses to provide the perfect mix of advanced features..edge’s compact 2RU housing accommodates up to 192 HD-BNC connectors for SDI interfacing and can be clustered to provide matrices well beyond 1152 x 1152 crosspoints. Your next large SDI router can be IP-native, 24RU small, consume only 24x 100Gbps network ports—a third of what other offerings require—and still be more powerful, scalable and future-proof.

Support for the SMPTE ST2110 suite of standards with SMPTE ST 2022-7 redundancy is built in, providing not only advanced essence-based handling but also ensuring seamless protection switching of audio, video and ancillary data streams in both local and wide-area network operations.

Welcome HOME
.edge has been designed from the ground up to be a HOME-native client. It is automatically discovered and registered within the HOME environment and benefits from all of HOME’s next-generation management features: user access control, quarantining of unknown devices, security, parameter tweaking and real-time health monitoring.
.edge’s parameters can be adjusted in HOME’s web-based user interface, either on an algorithm-based operator level or on an expert level with granular access to deep-dive parameters. Though possible, scripting is not required to leverage .edge’s full potential.

HOME furthermore provides comprehensive information about the label, the video format, the audio channels, and, in case of quad-link UHD, the individual 3G legs of incoming SDI signals. Frame sync and delay settings are abstracted for intuitive control.

To expedite physical source or destination identification, each processing blade’s front panel is equipped with a CALL HOME button. Pressing it flags the processing blade within the HOME user interface for lightning-fast selection and adjustments. Conversely, operators can click a dedicated button in HOME to cause the ID indicator on a processing blade to flash, making it easy to troubleshoot cabling issues.

More Control
While HOME is the most intuitive way to control .edge, not all third-party broadcast controllers are equipped with a licensed API.
.edge therefore also fully supports the Ember+ protocol for extensive device, parameter and routing control and native support for Lawo’s VSM IP Broadcast Control System.
REST API support is available for device and parameter control using automated and scripted deployment.

‘UHD Link Rotate’ for Peace of Mind
As an industry-first, .edge offers comprehensive support for UHD scenarios with unparalleled video, audio and metadata capabilities.
To assist operators of quad-link 3G-SDI cameras, replay devices, switchers, etc., in hectic situations, .edge’s unique UHD Link Rotate function automatically reshuffles the legs of a four-wire 3G-SDI link whose cables were connected in the wrong order.

By reading the 2-sample interleave signal identifiers, .edge auto-corrects the ordering before the IP stream is generated, thus ensuring that UHD signals always arrive in the expected sequential order. UHD Link Rotate is included in the optional 3G UHD Gearboxing license.

3G UHD Gearboxing
Quad-link 3G-SDI support is available through a licensable 3G UHD Gearboxing option. Before hitting the IP data plane, quad-link 3G signals are combined into a transparent single-raster stream—to support SDQS (Square Division Quad Split), 2SI, and 4x super slow motion—rather than four separate IP streams. This significantly lowers the load on multicast addressing in the network and avoids time re-alignment issues at the destination.
The ST2110-40 ancillary data of the four 3G legs are combined on the UHD IP path, and an identifier is inserted to differentiate between the legs that supplied the ancillary packets.

On the output side, operators can choose to transmit UHD video to either one 12G or four 3G-SDI outputs. For maximum UHD signal distribution flexibility, users can repackage 12G input to quad-link 3G output, and vice versa. Single-link 12G-SDI signal input, on the other hand, requires no video gearboxing, as it is handled natively.

3G UHD Gearboxing includes the UHD Link Rotate function as well as VPID insertion on the output interface (2-sample interleave, SMPTE ST352 payload identification).

Instant Drop-In SDI Router Replacement
Designed as the ideal replacement for legacy SDI routing infrastructure, .edge offers the convenience and reliability of native SDI/IP conversion for long-haul signal transport. It is also the perfect solution for users who need to scale up to UHD and quickly find themselves limited by existing router infrastructure.
All-in bundles (comprising all required .edge frames, processing blades, rear I/O plates, and licenses) turn .edge into a user-friendly, drop-in replacement for an SDI router. In this capacity, .edge outclasses the competition in all respects: footprint, power requirements and weight.
All of these considerations are as important for OB trucks as they are for ventilation requirements.
In addition, .edge is symmetrical, with as many high-density IP inputs as there are outputs. No other SDI router with IP gateway functionality comes even close.

Bundle 1: 288 x 288 SD and HD (25Gbps)
Bundle 2: 576 x 576 SD and HD (25Gbps)
Bundle 3: 1152 x 1152 SD and HD (25Gbps)

License To Thrill
Each .edge unit can be used in a variety of scenarios simply by unlocking the required feature sets, via a flexible licensing system.
This makes it easy to deploy .edge in any location—field of play, OB trucks, news gathering, control rooms, MCR, etc.—at a highly competitive price point. In fact, .edge’s software-based specification potential is so diverse that Lawo has decided to propose a starter package that can be expanded with one or two optional licenses.

• IP-native virtualized, highly modular SDI routing system
• Hardware/software bundles for easy SDI router replacement
• SD, HD and UHD on all inputs and outputs
• High-density IP conversion, up to 192 SDI connectors per 2RU
• Compact footprint, lightweight, low power requirements
• HOME native, Ember+ and REST API support
• Software-defined, flexibly licensable features
• (De)centralized, distributed, remote and cloud operation" />