Cinegy Capture PRO


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Cinegy Capture is a professional multi-channel, multi-format real-time ingest software that reinvents the acquisition and transcode process. It centralizes the task of ingesting material and generating edit or web proxies in popular formats and containers. Using centralized services, operators can remotely control dedicated ingest software services, which simultaneously generate all the necessary versions for archive, editing, and remote work. Cinegy Capture is designed for simplicity and flexibility.

One or multiple instances of the software can be installed as a self-starting service on a commodity server or standard PC, configured to work with specified video hardware or IP streams. Once started, each instance announces itself to the network for control via the powerful Windows control application. This system uses embedded Cinegy technology for IP stream multicast, providing broadcast-quality real-time feedback streams for immediate review of received content. There is no limit to how many instances can run on a machine, restricted only by processor performance and available space for SDI cards. On a high-performance server or workstation, up to eight AVID DNxHD or XDCAM HD422 streams can be captured simultaneously. Cinegy Capture PRO supports a wide range of codecs and file formats, from established MOV files to new standards like MXF AS11. Cinegy Capture offers flexibility redefined. Its ability to create multiple formats and proxy copies simultaneously can replace separate ingest and transcode machines. Built-in capability to encode a video frame once before wrapping into both Avid-compatible MXF and FCP-compatible MOV files adds flexibility for mixed-environment productions.

Support for writing to local and network storage simultaneously ensures no material loss, while the remote control client can connect and disconnect without interrupting recording. Cinegy Capture v21.11 introduces new features and improvements: Direct Transcoding: Enables capturing material without re-compression, regardless of the stream being ingested - MPEG, H.264, HEVC, or native Cinegy Daniel2. This "direct transcoding" mode supports taking the video stream "as is" even when re-wrapping, ensuring frame-precise syncing even when combining direct transcoding and encoding modes. AC-3 Decoder: Supports direct handling of modern high-quality AC-3 audio, enabling downmixing to stereo PCM or decoding to multichannel surround audio. H.264 NVIDIA GPU Preview: Introduces "Pseudo" and "Progressive" interlacing modes for the preview stream generation, allowing NVIDIA-based encoding even for interlaced scenarios. DNxHR in MXF OP1a: Supports the modern high-quality Avid DNxHR codec in MXF OP1a files for all UHD formats. Also allows the use of Avid DNxHD codec as UHD proxy format with automatic downscaling to HD. SQL Authentication: Allows the Cinegy Capture Archive Adapter configuration and service to switch to SQL authentication modes when talking to the CAS instead of using AD-based authentication.

Cinegy Capture streamlines and optimizes the ingest process, making it a flexible, reliable, and cost-effective resource for any workgroup. With its recent updates, the software offers enhanced performance and stability, ensuring high-quality and efficient content acquisition.