AWS Elemental Link UHD Integration with AWS Elemental MediaConnect


Categories Video Processing

The latest update for AWS Elemental Link UHD, an encoding device for contributing live HDMI and SDI video sources to the cloud, introduced support for AWS Elemental MediaConnect, a secure, reliable video transport service.

Leveraging Link UHD with MediaConnect, live production professionals, sports and entertainment venues, educational institutions, houses of worship, corporate facilities, and systems installers can easily establish ground-to-cloud workflows for processing and distributing live video, saving time and resources compared to alternative methods. The update also benefits video streaming platform providers and companies who transport video to multiple monitoring destinations or for use in live streaming and broadcast applications. Across the board, it provides more flexible video processing options, broadcast-grade monitoring, and seamless integration with ISV or AWS Partner applications into live video applications. To get Link UHD and MediaConnect running, users plug in video and ethernet, power up Link UHD, and log into the AWS Management Console or API.

Video feeds are accessible in MediaConnect prior to MediaLive encoding, enabling greater processing control and reducing latency. MediaConnect returns an ingest endpoint and then replicates and distributes the video inside and outside of AWS. Expressing enthusiasm for the update, the NHL shared, “We use Link UHD to transmit 4K video from fixed camera angles in our arenas for officiating, hockey operations, and player health and safety. With MediaConnect, we seamlessly deliver video feeds to partners anywhere in the world using entitlements and perform transformations on feeds to produce outputs for streaming and archival. The overall ease of use and enhanced automation capabilities make Link UHD invaluable in supporting our game night operations.”

M2A Media added, “We love when customers use AWS Elemental Link devices, because they are simple to setup and manage from AWS, and they’re a cost-effective way to distribute video streams. Some of our customers also need to monitor their video feeds and deliver them to their partners for redistribution. With Link UHD and MediaConnect, we can send low-latency live video confidence monitoring streams to a multiviewer while simultaneously sending the same feeds for video processing. Delivering live video from an event using MediaConnect to affiliates across the world is possible in just a few clicks.” Link UHD is easy to deploy in nearly any location with little technical background. Integrated MediaConnect support lets users contribute live video sources captured on premises to the cloud, with more video processing control. Video sources can be sent directly to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances, and users can then deploy applications using software from ISVs and AWS Partners, for low-latency video distribution in its original contribution video quality.