Broadpeak - Cloud-Native Origin Packager for VOD and cloud DVR services


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Broadpeak’s Origin Packager packages and encrypts the video content on the fly in all standard HTTP ABR formats, including HLS, MPEG-DASH & CMAF. The Origin Packager is delivered on the GCP Public Cloud and leverages the GCP Kubernetes Engine (GKE) for managing workloads. The infrastructure is deployed via Infrastructure as Code IaaC scripts to fully automatize the deployment. Based on business metrics such as the playout, GKE automatically monitors the loads and adapts by scaling the resources used up and down in order to optimize energy consumption, reducing it up to 50%. The solution was launched in June 2023.How does this product differ from the competition?Broadpeak’s Origin Packager was designed to make operations easy and efficient. The solution is built on a full CI/CD pipeline and proposes a cloud-native architecture based on microservices.

The solution is fully integrated with the GCP environment but can be easily deployed on bare metal, in a private cloud or public cloud Kubernetes environment. The solution improves the way the object storage is managed to optimize storage access, leading to up to 20% faster access time.Who is the target market/intended audience?The solution is designed for operators offering video delivery services coupled with non-linear TV applications (e.g., time-shift TV, catch-up, cloud PVR). Based on a multi-tenant design, the solution will soon be available as a SaaS.What are the unique features and benefits of your product?The solution offers high scalability on the ingress and on the egress to optimize energy consumption and costs. In addition, it optimizes object storage access to improve access times and user experience. The solution is fully automated and agnostic to cloud providers to simplify operations and speed up new projects, enabling deployments within a couple of weeks compared with months.What is new or groundbreaking about this product?The architecture of BkS350 is fully cloud native; all the components are based on micro services and the deployment based on IaC scripts.

The new features stand out on several aspects: •Infrastructure: this product can be deployed on several environments based on scripts in an automated manner•Scalability and resource management: the application deployment allows the system to focus only the required resource for the packaging and delivery of the video•Recording: the BkS350 improves the way object storage is managed and optimize storage access number of requests and then enables storage savings (cost and lifetime).What challenges does this product solve for customers?This new solution is a perfect fit for public cloud deployments, offering a good interconnection with bare metal CDN to minimize the impact of the egress. The solution also supports private cloud deployments as the Helm Charts delivery allows the system to be fully orchestrated by any Kubernetes platform.Moreover, the solution addresses the impact of the storage solicitation by optimizing the format of the objects.How does this product help save your customers money or boost their revenue?The solution improves the management of assets for cloud PVR and VOD use cases.

It is natively multi-tenant, enabling big companies to group affiliates. Moreover, the solution allows mutualization of the control plane and centralizes management of the channels and rules. It includes a single management interface for all of the components, making it simple to deploy and configure live channels while greatly easing operations.The scaling is managed automatically by the infrastructure and thus some nodes can be removed in order to reduce power consumption by up to 50% in some scenarios.How does this product bring simplicity or efficiency to the customer?The solution features a single management interface to simplify the deployment of live channels. New video services can be deployed in a few clicks, through a dedicated GUI or through APIs. The scaling is managed automatically by the infrastructure, enabling certain nodes to be removed to reduce power consumption.

What’s impact of the product on the industry overall?A key issue that this solution solves with its CI/CD approach is making upgrades more efficient and secure. The microservice approach allows the delivery of individual software components independently, without requiring heavy and risky upgrades that lead to weeks of pre-validation. Swift roll-backs ensure that operations go smoothly, without service interruption, in order to preserve revenues and customer satisfaction. The solution is currently being tested by two customers, in Europe and North America, with a launch date expected in 2023.Why does the product deserve to win this award?This solution is fully cloud native and benefits directly from the cloud, including scaling and management over managed Kubernetes. In addition, the solution specifically focuses on improving storage performance, management, and access request savings.