Broadpeak - Advanced CDN


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As video delivery evolves, today’s operators need solutions that reduce energy consumption, lower costs, and deliver an exceptional quality of experience. Broadpeak’s new Advanced CDN solution ensures flawless streaming experiences, offering unparalleled performance, scalability, and video quality, with the following unique features and benefits:Top performance for increased energy efficiency: Broadpeak’s next-gen CDN provides operators with massive energy savings, allowing them to use four times less energy for video streaming compared with the previous generation. It achieves the best Gbps per dollar and Gbps per watt consumed ratios in the market.Streaming at scale: Built-in elasticity helps operators manage horizontal and vertical scaling dynamically.Open, flexible design for simpler configuration and operations: The Advanced CDN can be deployed in any environment, including on-prem, the cloud, and a hybrid configuration. Creating and operating a video streaming service is simple with Broadpeak’s new solution; the Advanced CDN offers operators full control over what is happening inside the content delivery network through open APIs and an intuitive multi-tenant GUI.

Support for new business models increases monetization: The Advanced CDN opens up new business models, creating a bridge between ISPs and content providers leveraging OpenCaching APIs. In addition, the solution enables collaboration between operators and content providers through its steering center and broadpeak.io.Improved QoE: Broadpeak’s CDN solution is session-based. Compared with snapshot CDNs, the Advanced CDN leverages the centralized modelling of servers’ available resources in real time to optimally switch to higher ABR profiles and maximize QoE.

Increased bandwidth efficiency: The Advanced CDN supports server-side segment selection for streaming to ensure a real-time adaptation to bandwidth conditions, especially in low-latency configurations where players have difficulties accurately evaluating what resources are available.Featuring a high-efficiency design that optimizes sustainability for video streaming, Broadpeak’s Advanced CDN delivers 1.09 Tbps per server in https, and handles 70,000 redirections/s per FO server, which is more than three times better than other servers on the market. The solution ensures an outstanding quality of experience for end users, with ultra-low latency and video quality beyond broadcast. Offering elasticity orchestration, full control through open APIs, and a unique context-aware approach, Broadpeak’s Advanced CDN is a game changer for video streaming.The innovative CDN solution is based on Broadpeak’s BkM100 Video Delivery Mediator and its recently launched BkS450 high-performance video streamer.

A steering center enables the CDN to be context-aware, allowing operators to control which CDN features are being used for each session with a very fine granularity based on the request characteristics. Operators can consider any specificities of a streaming request (i.e., content requested, user profile, user location, device type, network load) to allocate a behavior (i.e., layer filtering, offload, blackout, usage of multicast ABR).In addition, the Advanced CDN features a built-in A/B testing capability, allowing operators to check the efficiency of a parameter or a product version before deploying it widely. AI capabilities on the CDN help with troubleshooting and trending dashboards for capacity planning.Broadpeak’s Advanced CDN deserves to win the award for offering the best streaming performance, an exceptional quality of experience, and a reduced carbon footprint that empowers video service providers to protect the environment.