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DMW Awards Finalist

broadpeak.io is an API-based platform that adapts streaming to the context of the situation (i.e., the content rights, network, location, device, category of customers) in real time, simplifying the way that content providers, pay-TV operators, and OTT service providers deliver and monetize streaming experiences. broadpeak.io offers content providers, pay-TV operators, and OTT service providers an easy, fast, and reliable way to deliver and monetize advanced streaming experiences.

The platform supports several applications, including dynamic ad insertion, content replacement, and virtual channel, offering OTT service providers a one-stop-shop solution for manifest manipulation. broadpeak.io is a new API-based platform that transforms video streaming delivery and monetization. With broadpeak.io, Broadpeak dramatically improves video streaming experiences and helps content right owners maximize monetization — solving one of the biggest challenges related to content distribution.broadpeak.io also simplifies video streaming workflows through its application-as-a-service approach. Running on the cloud, the SaaS offers unparalleled scalability, dynamicity, and agility, allowing users to manage functional workflow more effectively — thus helping solve the complexity of streaming distribution.

Multiple use cases are supported for automatic orchestration •Creating personalized virtual channels on the fly based on recommendation engine feedback — allowing a lean-back TV experience for viewers •Managing the rights of linear channels and enforcing programmers' requirements (i.e., blackout or simultaneous substitution) while complying with local regulations•Adapting feeds based on location for linear parity and regionalization purposes •Monetizing VOD catalogs by creating linear channels such as FASTbroadpeak.io is free to try for any service provider, regardless of whether they are a Broadpeak customer or not.

To compete with big names like Netflix or Hulu, streaming providers today must be able to deliver features quickly. broadpeak.io leverages CI/CD pipelines, agile processes, and native public API to help service providers remain competitive, and able to launch video streaming services immediately by leveraging advanced technology.broadpeak.io deserves to win this award for its innovation; it is the first fully hosted cloud service to automatically contextualize the video streaming experience at scale, on both a per-user and permanent basis. broadpeak.io is a game changer for viewers, ensuring the content being watched is the most relevant regardless of the video delivery platform used.For server-side ad insertion, broadpeak.io is the first self-serve SaaS solution to offer dynamic ad insertion (DAI) as-a-service that is entirely agnostic to the entire ecosystem, including the packager origin technology. Being agnostic to the packager origin reduces the complexity typically associated with end-to-end advertising ecosystems, simplifying the delivery of targeted ads and enabling OTT service providers to start monetizing content quickly.

The complexity of the targeted ad ecosystem has often been a barrier to entry for content providers. Today, with broadpeak.io, any publisher can register on the platform and immediately verify the monetization potential of a linear or asset catalog ad inventory. broadpeak.io puts ad-supported streaming providers on a fast track to generating new revenues with minimal effort and engagement.Finally, by complementing DAI as a Service with the capacity to create virtual channels, broadpeak.io enables service providers to develop a personalized EPG for each category of users or each individual. Offering this level of ultra-personalization, broadpeak.io deserves to win the Monetize category as it enhances service providers’ ability to monetize content with contextualized advertising, including higher CPM, and to propose a more relevant experience to viewers.www.broadpeak.io