Brompton 3d lut import

Digital film production software developer Pomfort has upgraded its Livegrade Studio software to export 3D LUTs directly to Brompton Technology’s Tessera SX40 or S8 image processors via a network connection.

Pomfort’s LiveGrade Studio is a tool for live grading and integration of digital imaging processes on-set. The upgrade makes use of a new 3D LUT Import feature added to the Tessera v3.2 software. Livegrade users can now send 3D LUTs to Tessera processors in near real time using Brompton’s API, taking advantage of Livegrade’s live grading features when working with LED screens on set.

Essential in applications such as image editing, film and video, 3D LUTs contain data used to remap the input colour values of source pixels to new output values, generating a colour pre-set that can be applied to images or footage to check looks as production proceeds. 3D LUTs are frequently used for technical and creative colour correction tasks such as display calibration, colour space conversion, on-set camera tuning, creating special effects, enhancig shadows and highlights, or replicating the look of a particular film emulsion in post-production.

For users to be able to export 3D LUT information from Livegrade Studio, the Tessera processor needs to be on the same local area network as an Apple Mac running Livegrade Studio. Once the connection is established, the Livegrade Studio user can add the Tessera processor as a device.

Brompton Pomfort Livegrade

“Since developing and launching our first on-set software for managing digital movie data, we have supported digital imaging technicians (DITs) on set by supplying them with tools that directly served their needs. As the role and responsibilities of the DIT evolved, our software developed accordingly and became regular components in their everyday workflows,” said Patrick Renner, Managing Director at Pomfort.

The Pomfort team aims for compatibility and software integrations with other manufacturers’ products. Integration with Tessera software v3.2’s latest 3D LUT Import has resulted in a collaboration with production and design studio High Res, which has been integrating and implementing virtual production pipelines that include green screen replacement, using LED screens as a light source, camera tracking and real-time play-out and rendering.

“At High Res we are constantly looking for new systems to integrate that will improve the virtual production process, specifically for film workflows,” said Peter Canning, Technical CD at High Res. “The integration of 3D LUT Import into Brompton processing gives us a quick, simple way to deliver accurate colour reproduction and allows us to access colour management for filmmaking with LED.”

Patrick Renner said, “Working with the Brompton team on adding remote LUT control to Livegrade Studio supports our users working in virtual production by giving them direct access to the system’s colour processing capabilities and adding new possibilities to their productions.”