LOGIC media systems architect and video processing specialist Comprimato have formed a partnership aiming to simplify workflows for IP- and cloud-based media production.

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LOGIC media systems architect and video processing specialist Comprimato have entered a partnership aiming to simplify workflows for IP- and cloud-based production of media content. LOGIC uses Comprimato's tools and expertise in encoding, transcoding and decoding for the implementation of its IP-based and AWS-based projects.

In live video applications that are IP-based, either hybrid or completely in the cloud, encoding and format conversion are critical factors, used to ensure fast, low-latency signal processing, delivery and distribution. With Comprimato's tools, LOGIC overcomes the siloed designs and friction points that can arise from relying on proprietary formats in these production environments.

The partnership focuses on two use cases. One concerns projects in the ST2110 network environment in conjunction with Nevion VideoIPath and NDI. The other deals with media workflows in AWS Elemental MediaConnect that involve LOGIC's PORTAL software.

LOGIC developed PORTAL as an interface and workflows that make it simpler to move and manage media services on AWS and, ultimately, deliver content to global audiences. Through PORTAL, users can allocate resources within their AWS account for encoding, storage and other operations. PORTAL is built up as modules for various workflows such as CDN distribution set-up, creating VOD assets from live sources, transport stream routing and monitoring devices and resources. MediaLive channels and delivery pipelines also become simpler.

ST2110 Networks

Logic Comprimato live standards convert

Live Standards Conversion, Comprimato

The Comprimato Twenty-One Encoder is a software-based ST2110 encoder and decoder appliance that can be used to connect ST2110 networks to NDI islands or directly to NDI mixers such as Grass Valley AMPP’s router or VizRT Vectar multi-source live video mixing. The Twenty-One Encoder handles up to 16x 1080i or 8x 1080p channels in a compact 1RU device supporting many other codecs and protocols as well, such as JPEG-XS TR07 for live video contribution and remote production.

AWS Elemental MediaConnect

In a production environment in AWS MediaConnect, the Twenty-One Encoder has further functionality. It can be used to address the MediaConnect service as a destination from a 2110 network, transcoding streams to H.264 based on the SRT protocol, for example.
Another application in the MediaConnect environment is enabled through the Live Standards Conversion tool from Comprimato, in conjunction with LOGIC's PORTAL. With Live Standards Conversion, flexible motion-compensated frame rate conversion and encoding can be carried out within an AWS MediaConnect workflow. The software ingests compressed IP video streams and instantly converts to regional standards, such as the American 59.94fps at 60Hz and European 50fps at 50Hz, real-time.

Visual Quality for Live Streams

Live Standards Conversion includes direct support for several compressed IP formats and a motion compensated algorithm that generates precise, uninterrupted visual quality for live sports streaming, as well as native support for JPEG2000, JPEG-XS and NDI high bitrate formats. You can also automate how it works by setting up streaming schedules and input/output SRT addresses to launch new conversion pipelines.

Logic Comprimato twenty one encoder

Comprimato Twenty-One Encoder

If the signal is already available in MediaConnect and the taker prefers a different format, PORTAL adds functionality to the workflow that converts the signal to the desired codec or format. This also applies to delivery as the primary distribution to different takers who want different formats.

Thus, by combining Live Standards Conversion with PORTAL, LOGIC applies the concept of a ‘forced output’ in AWS – in other words, outputs in AWS MediaConnect are supplied in a desired format and codec. PORTAL analyses the input signal and performs the live conversion accordingly to the output signal. PORTAL is implemented directly in the customer's AWS account, which means no additional AWS costs are incurred. www.logic.tv