Dalet FLEX media management software improves its review and approval workflows, and now includes a new application for mobile devices, a simpler UI and further language support.

Dalet FlexReview

The Dalet FLEX cloud-native media logistics platform has received major upgrades, including FlexMOBILE, a new application for mobile devices. Dalet develops the platform for media companies, sports brands, corporate creative teams and other organisations that need to manage and monetise their multimedia content libraries. Its tools help to simplify production workflows, and facilitate media supply chain packaging and distribution across traditional, digital and social platforms.

The FlexMOBILE app, available for Android and iOS mobile devices, promotes mobility, remote collaboration and connectivity to digital content from any location. Other Dalet FLEX updates include a new web user interface and more functionality in the FlexREVIEW asset review and approval tool. Language support has been extended in Dalet FlexMAM to include French, Arabic and Japanese.

Mathieu Zarouk, Dalet’s VP Product Management, said, “The introduction of FlexMOBILE brings the functionality of Dalet FLEX to mobile devices. Teams are now able to search and preview assets, and review, comment on and approve them prior to distribution, while on the move.” Specifically, it can be used to find content quickly, work with asset collections, perform reviews on audio and video assets, as well as add and update timecode-based comments. Users can also download content and share to social media within a few minutes.

Dalet FlexMobile

Dalet FlexMOBILE

Dalet FLEX platform’s collaborative review and approval tool FlexREVIEW has new functionality as well, such as expanded audio waveforms and monitoring for multi-channel files, and an updated user interface. The critical step of content review and annotation can now be handled anywhere, on desktop and mobile.

“Dalet FLEX was updated to help users connect better with their content,” Mathieu said. “The platform’s scalability allows the user to manage extremely large libraries and automate complex workflows. As a cloud-native software, Dalet FLEX supports hybrid deployments that benefit from the elasticity and flexibility of the cloud, while making use of existing on-premises investments. Due to the platform’s open architecture, customers can progress to full SaaS operations if they choose.”

Dalet FLEX can be deployed on any cloud infrastructure provider, including Dalet fully-hosted options. The latest Dalet FLEX releases give media companies the means to maximize their content’s potential by supporting access and workflow orchestration from anywhere. www.dalet.com