LOGIC updated its PORTAL v3 framework for cloud implementation with proprietary workflows and tools supporting media production in cloud-based or hybrid environments under AWS.

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LOGIC Media has updated PORTAL Version 3, its framework for implementing complex projects in the cloud, by developing its own proprietary cloud workflows and tools supporting media production in cloud-based or hybrid environments under AWS.

The features now available in PORTAL and its modules suit various use cases, and include custom user profiles, the PORTAL Knowledge Centre and better status and notification management. Support tickets can be created directly from the PORTAL.home module, PORTAL.connect handles video routing and the PORTAL.workstation and PORTAL.clip modules are updated.

Turnkey Workflow

PORTAL Edge, a key part of LOGIC’s update, is a turnkey workflow set-up that natively integrates AWS Elemental Link UHD, encoding devices for cloud contribution. LOGIC ships the systems to where they are needed, with the Link UHD devices preconfigured to customers’ PORTAL accounts on AWS. Once plugged into a camera source, power and network, the encoder automatically appears in the PORTAL interface and can be managed remotely.

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Live feeds captured on site are uploaded securely to AWS via public internet or AWS Direct Connect. Once in the cloud, the video can be replicated and transported using AWS Elemental MediaConnect, with the option to process it first using AWS Elemental MediaLive, before partners or viewers receive the content.

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LOGIC Media’s partnership with AWS was formed after their purchase of Elemental Technologies – now AWS Elemental – in 2015, but in fact, Elemental and LOGIC had already been partners since 2012. LOGIC recognised early on that, like other industries, the media production industry could also move to centralised, outsourced data centres.

With the introduction of their LOGIC PORTAL Framework in 2019, the company has able to implement virtually all media-related workflows in the cloud. The Elemental partnership has led to a comprehensive knowledge of video encoding and processing on the AWS cloud.

PORTAL’s main function is to simplify the implementation of cloud-based media workflows by serving as an abstraction layer for AWS products – that is, making them and the relevant features readily accessible and straightforward to use. LOGIC customers range from niche sports streaming providers to local broadcasters and OB vans, each using a variety of AWS Media Services in their workflows.

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LOGIC created PORTAL to help ease customer transitions from traditional on-premises workflows to the cloud. Users can now manage AWS resources and deploy AWS Media Services directly through the PORTAL interface. Sebastian Manemann, Head of Technology at LOGIC said, “We can extend cloud workflows to the ground in an easy, affordable manner, and users can immediately start experimenting with live media workflows in the cloud without a big commitment.” www.logic.tv