MagentaTV delivers a range of streaming options, including VOD, live, time-shift and start-over, to subscribers while reducing operational costs using Broadpeak Cloud DVR and services.

Broadpeak MagentaTV 2024

Deutsche Telekom has redesigned and updated its MagentaTV IPTV platform using Broadpeak’s Cloud DVR system. MagentaTV can now deliver a range of video streaming content options, including VOD, live, time-shift and start-over TV to subscribers while reducing its own hardware, maintenance and operational costs.

Broadpeak’s Cloud DVR software is a way to make recording and storing content in the cloud more adaptable and flexible for subscribers, while giving providers like MagentaTV a scalable storage architecture that can grow from tens to hundreds of petabytes.

Shared and Private Copy

MagentaTV is using the system to record content based on both shared copy and private copy models, meaning each subscriber has his or her own copy stored on the cloud. Broadpeak’s Cloud DVR optimises bandwidth and storage consumption while ensuring the quality of experience for MagentaTV subscribers.

With private-copy cloud PVR alone, duplicating all the layers of content for each user would put considerable pressure on an operator’s resources. It makes it necessary to limit the range of quality levels available, impacting the quality of experience. By making shared copy cloud PVR available as well, content can be accessed with all layers intact.

Also, the quality of the recorded content does not depend on network conditions at the time of the recording, as it does with local PVR, for instance in an STB. With cloud PVR, the content can be adapted to the conditions existing at the time of streaming.

Broadpeak Cloud DVR

The Broadpeak Cloud DVR system uses Broadpeak’s BkS350 as a high-performance recorder with built-in caching, and the BkM100 as a centralised recording director for overseeing the copy policy and the scheduling of the recording. A rolling buffer and an automatic archiving function makes it possible to manage both short-term catch-up TV and long-term cloud DVR for subscribers, and scale-out cloud storage supports all subscriber activity. The BkA100/200 carries out analytics and monitoring.

Broadpeak CloudDVR diagram

Broadpeak’s expertise in cloud DVR environments helped to ensure a smooth deployment. Acting as the systems integrator, Broadpeak deployed the datacentre network design, network, security, servers and software for MagentaTV. The company is also relying on Broadpeak’s managed services to simplify the operation of its service, save time and maintain smooth operations run by Broadpeak’s team.

Consolidated Storage

The ability to consolidate the storage across all users brings further cost reduction, and also simplifies storage management since the need to allocate space per user can be avoided. From this economic point of view alone, shared copy is the approach most likely to make sense for cloud PVR.

“We’re pleased to be working with a leading IPTV operator like MagentaTV and helping them serve more than 4.6 million subscribers,” said Jacques Le Mancq, CEO at Broadpeak. “Our Cloud DVR systems gives MagentaTV a massive scale-out storage capacity, ensuring a superior quality of experience for their subscribers.”